About Alza

EC = B + IT + M We define ourselves as an E-commerce company. We combine business and technology by using IT principles as a catalyst for our business. Given our size and complexity, quality management is essential.

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Who We Are

Alza was created in a university dormitory, where one of the students began building computers. At first, it was only for his friends and then he started catering to outside customers (fun fact: the first shipping costs included tram delivery). It was more than twenty years ago, but we have always stayed true to the start-up mentality. Alza is a unique place full of smart, creative people.

Alza History
Our Mission

Employee Benefits

Working in Alza brings personal and professional growth, and the opportunity to turn your ideas into reality.
We emphasize continuous development, but we know that unwinding is important, too.

#work #freedom #responsibility

  • It is hard work, but at the same time we enjoy a good deal of freedom, which goes hand in hand with great responsibility.
  • We have the opportunity to turn our ideas into reality and create meaningful results.
  • Our members, including newcomers who have been in Alza for only a year, run corporate projects.

Take Care of Your Body

  • Multisport card
  • Cafeteria Benefit Plus card
  • Gym, climbing wall and salt cave in the office space
  • On Tuesday and Thursday, massage therapists come to the office, so that you can enjoy a nice, relaxing massage without leaving work.

Take Care of Your Mind

  • Foreign language courses in small groups
  • Regular training both within and outside the company
  • Free tickets for cultural and social events


  • Lunch benefits in selected restaurants
  • Employee discounts in Alza Café
  • In operating departments, meal vouchers

Convenient Shopping

  • Employee discount on the Alza website
  • A convenient mobile phone tariff with inclusive calls and mobile Internet
  • A part of your salary can be paid in bitcoin

Where We Work

We are based in Prague, Ostrava and Bratislava

Our central office is located in the "Hall," more precisely in the Hall office park building in Holešovice, Prague. In our offices, you can find live trees, a salt cave, gym, sauna, boulder wall, game area, table football, darts, a café serving excellent coffee and two aquariums. Smaller offices are located in Ostrava, Czech Republic, and Bratislava, Slovakia, and we are constantly improving them.

  • Prague Office:
     U Pergamenky 1522/2, Prague - Holesovice, 170 00
  • Ostrava Office:
     Prokešovo nám. 2020/6, Moravská Ostrava, 702 00
  • Bratislava Office:
     Bottova 6654/7, Bratislava, 811 09


Logistics operation is divided into 4 logistics centers: Horní Počernice, Zdiby, and a warehouse for oversized goods in Úžice and Senec, Slovakia.

Stores and Showrooms

We currently operate seven regional centers in Holešovice, Háje, Horní Počernice, Prague, Pilsen, Ostrava, Bratislava and Budapest. Moreover, there are more than 50 stores, and we are continuing to grow. Our last store was opened in Vienna, so now you can find us in four European countries. And that's just the beginning!