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We believe Human Resources will soon disappear and the People Experience will be born out of its ashes.

A photo of our employees from the HR department


Our career pages exceeds 1,000,000 visits a year. More than 80,000 candidates are registered annually. We often ask ourselves, how can we suffice their needs? We believe the key to success is speed and quality.


Every year, hundreds of employees join Alza. One of the key elements of how to best help with onboarding is by the going through the Alza Basics training. When a person is born, he has to learn how to walk, talk and count so that he can function in society. The same is true at Alza.


We've been thinking about how to answer any questions from our managers. We have developed an information portal where the manager can find any information by him or herself :)

Company Management

They were able to meet the wishes of many employees and, above all, the Board of Directors. We are able to pay wages in Bitcoins. Of course, only to those who want this. What will be next?

This Is Us

We can't fit all of us on here, but we'll introduce at least some members of our team.

  • Martina Brixí

    Martina Brixí

    HR Recruiter

    The woman in black who recruits new talents for Alza. She loves music, running and carrots. If you see her frowning, she probably hasn't had her morning coffee yet.

  • Radka Štrochová

    Radka Štrochová

    HR Recruiter

    Radka takes home any animal she stumbles upon. She handles our customer service. She enjoys exercising, and when she gets upset, just toss a bar of chocolate her way. Be careful! All the reindeer mugs are hers!

  • Petra Nulíčková

    Petra Nulíčková

    HR Recruiter

    We suspect that Petra might have been born with built-in WiFi. She basically lives in the online world. Her body is powered by Kinder eggs. She handle Alza HR's LinkedIn, Facebook and marketing.

  • Jindřich Král

    Jindřich Král

    Business Assistant

    He is the king that knows everything about ongoing projects and important information. He supervises processes, but would give half of  his kingdom away for a bowl of spaghetti.

  • Zuzana Tarbajovská

    Zuzana Tarbajovská

    HR Recruiter 

    Is Zuzka glaring at you and turning red? Don't worry, she won't attack you. She's just eaten too much of her beloved chili. She is the girl that wears a smile all the time and recruits new logistics talents.

HR = M + IT + B

Our skills in the HR department must cover the same areas as E - Commerce
and Alza as a whole. We need people who can do the following:

  • Management

    They can communicate well and give open feedback, are able to engage and manage both people and projects, understand psychology and the Labour Code, and  are able to self-reflect with humility.

  • Business

    They realise that in a healthy business, every investment should bring profit. Otherwise, the business will fail sooner or later and there will be no need to employ people.

  • IT

    The complexity of the world is growing, and with it, work complexity is constantly developing. To ensure sustainable development, businesses must rely on IT technologies that lead to increased efficiency. It is also essential to make business decisions based on relevant data.

Why Work with Us?

  • Every year our career website is visited by half a million people
  • We offer over 500 job positions a year. That's the capacity of the Chinese smart bus ART.
  • We processed over 16,000 paychecks for our employees in one year. 16,000km is the distance that is covered by the world's longest flight from New York to Singapore that takes 19 hours.
  • Over 35% of our visit Alza via their mobile.
  • We are innovative. Our employees can ask for a part of their salary to be paid in bitcoin.
  • There is the so-called talent acquisition process for each job position that we offer. This is the first step towards a fully automated selection process.
    Will it be possible for candidates to interview themselves in the future? Only time will tell.

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