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We are surfing the high waves of the Internet. Online Marketing includes PPC, CTR, CPT, and ROI. Each of us is a unique, incoherent team filled with the Alza spirit.

A photograph of employees from the IMKT department


Our largest team, which daily establishes, optimises and evaluates PPC campaigns using both Google AdWords and Sklik. PPC lives in numbers and all activities are subject to a single goal - profit.


A six-member team that takes care of display campaigns, direct purchases, GDN campaigns, Youtube video ads and RTB. Thanks to their hard work, they show the reverse of the myth that ROI display campaigns are always a negative.


A new team of analysts tackle attribution modelling that helps us fairly evaluate campaigns, as well as analyse purchase data. They use Google Analytics and the OLAP system to tackle databases.


A team of dedicated online marketing and shopping specialists, content editors and marketers that take care of the product segments and brands as if their own. They are constantly improving segments and their turnover.

Social Networkers

All of us may be a fan of Facebook, with tens of thousands of friends, or follow fashion on Instagram or read advice given by professionals via Twitter. This team of creative specialists cultivate the best posts, competitions, photos and advertisements to entertain our audience.

Who We Are

We can't fit all of us in here, but we'll introduce at least some members of our team.

  • Daniel Munzar

    Daniel Munzar

    Graphic Designer

    Although Dan is a junior, he handles graphics in an excellent way. He is addicted to music, and in his free time, he uses his floorball skills to school some goalies.

  • Kateřina Jandurová

    Kateřina Jandurová

    Display Team Leader

    Kateřina is the mom of the PPC. She has recently taken charge of Display, too. Be Careful! Don't get fooled by her peaceful smile. If you fall out of favour with her, she'll take you down in laser tag. But there are two things that always melt her heart – fried cheese and her staffie Eli.

  • Martina Ondrejčíková

    Martina Ondrejčíková

    PPC and Social Media Specialist

    Her territory is social media and her smile is disarming... Martina, our Slovak PPC specialist, is an Instagram enthusiast and loves photography and sunsets. She can't imagine her day without a chocolate croissant.

  • Jiří Janíček

    Jiří Janíček

    Display Specialist

    The king of impression and a persistent crusader for positive ROI of our display campaigns, he's a long-standing member of our team. A great companion for afterwork parties, an expert on beer from Žatec, the most skilled DIY guy and a car and technology enthusiast in one.

  • René Tran

    René Tran

    PPC CZ Leader

    René has been an important member of our PPC team for several years now. Made in Vietnam. Always honest, he is a fair and reliable guy who is fun to talk to and discuss global issues with, not only over a pint of beer.

  • Matěj Bolen

    Matěj Bolen

    Senior Analyst

    The leader of our young analytical team, who is well versed in data and SQL queries. He's an optimist and besides numbers, he is keen on downhill skiing, wakeboarding and kiteboarding, which means that he always has some fun activity to offer during our teambuilding events. He is often accompanied by his dog Sněhurka.

  • Jana Mňahončáková

    Jana Mňahončáková

    Online MKT Senior Specialist    

    The long-standing face of our IMKT department and the leader of our mini team of specialists who take care of new segments. She spends time playing with LEGO and other Alza Toys, handling internal corporate education and tutoring  students at Prague's University of Economics, since she is the ambassador of one subject at the university - Online marketing.    

  • Ondřej Švarc

    Ondřej Švarc

    Automation Specialist

    Ondra finds himself writing useful scripts, which may even replace him in the future. That's why we enjoy our time with him while it lasts. He always has kind advice for others, arrives and leaves very early, wears loose-fitting basketball shorts and amuses us with his fun life stories.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Testing

    We do not believe it unless we test it. We test everything first-hand.

  • Attribution

    We have our own attribution model, which allows more accurate evaluations.

  • Automation

    We automate reporting, development and campaign optimization.

  • Personalisation

    We approach different groups of customers differently. Different communication, different bidding.

  • Media Planning

    We create comprehensive media mixes with only one goal - maximizing profits.

  • External Education

    We share our know-how with students at Prague's University of Economics, and at conference and workshop attendees.

  • Affiliate

    We have our own affiliate system. Do not be afraid to use it.

  • Segments

    We help our product segments grow and get them at the top of the market.

  • IMKT Academy

    During our three-month academy, we also educate our Alza colleagues about online marketing.

Why Join Our Team?

  • We are a fun department located on the balcony.
  • We are under IT, but one third of us is female.
  • We argue in our meetings, but we still like each other. Really!
  • During our teambuilding events, we do beekeeping, play games and barbecue.
  • We're going to fulfill IMKT leader's bet soon - a 100m run under 15s.
  • We often order lunch that is brought straight to our PC.
  • We have our own library with popular science books.

Join the team

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