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We know that students are the leaders of the future, and so we create new opportunities for them.


Innovation moves the world forward. Have you heard about, for example, our short-term employment that Simon has designed?

#Comfortable Work Environment

Did you ever want to discuss an interesting topic with the CEO of a company, but were you only able to see him only on the picture of a group company photo? You can talk to us about anything at our workspace. And that's the entire organisation of Alza works. You can wear comfortable clothing and work according to your schedule.

#WorkHard & #PartyHarder

We enjoy working, but we also know how to enjoy ourselves during our free time. The experience you gain here is priceless.


We have no barriers, so you get to work on a lot of projects that normally wouldn't in other companies. But this also requires great responsibility. Do you have the courage that it takes to tackle them?

#Education and Career Growth

In order for the company to grow, employees need also need to constantly develop. It does not matter that you will work part-time with us, you can also attend our trainings. You will learn about PPC, bitcoins, or the basics of SQL. All of which you can use in your business practice, right now.

Many Started with Us as Students

Many students started their careers in Alza, and they are a part of the reason why we are who we are today.

  • Line Hampl


    Human Resources

    In Alza, I often plan on ways to improve in the long-run. I not only find new colleagues, but also create new projects that make sense to me.

    My goal is to have a satisfied candidate feel comfortable with us in our work environment. I don't avoid problems, but solve them.

    Even though I have been here for a few months, I do not have to worry about disagreeing with anything.

  • Simon Kubita



    I've wanted to join Alza when I was younger. In the middle of 2015, I succeeded in this and since then I have been riding the wave of corporate culture. I try to comprehend Alza as a whole and move it forward through IT projects.

    As a programmer of our information system, I also invent new features that can bring us new profits. In Alza, my career and personal growth is exceptionally faster than elsewhere, and that's why I'm here.

  • Jan Lupač



    I started working part-time at the Alza shop when I was 16. At the beginning of 2017, I reached my dream position of a project manager. Each quarter, I spend time in a different department and I get to know the whole business in complete detail.

    My goal is to invent and effectively manage innovative projects, link people together throughout departments, and help Alza stay one step ahead. A great team and an inspiring environment for change personally push me to fulfil my dream.

Write Your Thesis with Us

Want to write your thesis while cooperating with specialists? This is a great addition to your thesis and to the start of your career.

  • Guarantor: Jiří Schejbal

    The aim of the thesis is to reduce the cost of price related references to price comparisons, and to optimise bid amounts for individual products by competition in real time.
    Price comparisons usually display paid positions at the beginning of the listing with links to e-shops selling the searched product. The introduction of the e-shop in the paid part of the listing and its order is determined by the amount per click (aka bid) that the e-shop offers the comparison. Individual competitors compete for their position with their offers without knowing each others' offers. The aim of the thesis is to determine which positions have the ideal ratio between conversion and the price ratio of the bid, and to propose an algorithm for determining the optimal bid for these positions in real time. Pricing graders typically do not provide an API to find the current location of a given e-shop in a price comparison for the product, so it is one goal to build a custom crawler with a subsequent analysis of the content of websites with configurable grammar for individual price comparisons.

  • Guarantor: Jiří Schejbal

    The aim of the thesis is to optimise the investments in individual Internet marketing channels.
    Customers visit the e-shop through many different channels, directly by entering an address in a web browser, from their favourites, from search engines, from price comparisons, from email offers, from advertising banners and from commissioned partner websites. The customer usually visits e-shop repeatedly from different incoming channels before buying. The expected outcome of this work is to determine the key factors for the individual channels and the subsequent interactions that lead the customer to conversion.

  • Guarantor: Vladimír Dědek

    The aim of this thesis is to create a search algorithm for products and product categories according to a given keyword that meets the requirements for accuracy, relevance and speed.
    The algorithm must be configured to overload the search result order, for example, depending on the product attribution or product group in which the expression was found, the number of occurrences of the words found in the text, the position in the text, or the proximity search. The proposed solution must support searches in Czech, Slovak, English and German tokenisers, stopwords filters and ICUs with scalability for other European languages. You may solve the problems of stemmer filters, typing, typing without diacritics, synonyms, links to different technical markings, indivisible multi-word technical labels, overloading results according to sales and previous clicks from search results, overloading results according to previous user behaviour and others. You may also solve the problem of searches containing semantics on the e-shop.

  • Guarantor: Miroslav Spousta

    This thesis deals with the topic of's personal marketing, which targets students and university graduates. The main objective is to provide suggestions and recommendations to help streamline its communication and the application of HR marketing by targeting students and graduates.
    People are the foundation of all organisations, and without them businesses cannot exist. is no exception. Without skilled employees, we would not be who we are. To find the perfect match for individual positions is of course ideal, but this is not easy. There is a large number of potential candidates among students who would wish to work and thrive. And these are the individuals we are looking for at The question is - how can we find these people? Personnel marketing aimed at students is certainly a possibility. We have something started, but the whole concept of personalised marketing with a focus on students needs to be set.

     Personal marketing, employer branding, students, graduates, communication and communication channels, market research

Guest Speakers

There are many inspirational people working at Alza. Maybe you'd like to meet them or have them present at your university.

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