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Auger juicers have a rotating auger that works to crush fruits and vegetables. As a result, it has high yields and its juice contains far more vitamins and enzymes. You can choose between horizontal and vertical auger juicers. Want to know what parameters really matter when choosing a juicer? Read on.


Auger or centrifugal?

Juicers, both auger and centrifugal, are a great tool if you want to diversify your diet. But which type to choose? Compared to centrifugal, an auger juicer produces much more juice from the same amount of fruit, more fiber, and without the much-disliked foam. In addition, auger juicers are quieter. The disadvantage is that they are slower and cheaper models also can’t run for long (e.g. 15 minutes of non-stop operation, which corresponds to about 2 litres of juice).


What makes a screw juicer unique?

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, the auger juicer has another trump card that makes it unmatched. It can efficiently process leafy vegetables, tropical fruits and can also be used to press for currants or other berries. Centrifugal models can't do much here.

How to choose an auger juicer?

Auger juicers are divided into two types, depending on the auger positioning.

Horizontal auger juicers

Horizontal auger juicers, i.e. horizontally oriented, have a high variability. Thanks to different attachments, you can also prepare homemade noodles or grind meat with the same appliance. They are also easy to clean, though they are more difficult to operate (fruits and vegetables must be cut into smaller pieces and then stuffed inside).

Vertical auger juicers

Vertical auger juicers have a vertical auger, which allows faster processing without a tamper. This type has a high yield, but it is not multi-purpose and it's harder to clean.

Manual auger juicers

Manual auger juicers are a whole different beast. Unlike with the above-mentioned models, you have to use your own physical strength here. The whole process is not very efficient in terms of speed and volume, so it is not exactly the best auger juicer you can get, but it has one big advantage - it doesn't need a single watt to work.

Horizontální odšťavňovač šnekový Philips
Auger Juicer Horizontal

Vertikální odšťavňovač šnekový ETA
Auger Juicer Vertical

Screw manual juicer
Auger Juicer Manual


Why is an auger juicer better for red currant?

The rotary blades of centrifugal juicers can't work at their peak efficiency when processing berries, so a lot of fruit remains in the juice. If you want to process berries, choose an auger juicer.

What other parameters should you consider when choosing an auger juicer?

In addition to the orientation, there are other factors that you should take into account. What factors are those?

What power consumption is ideal for an auger fruit juicer?

Power consumption tends to determine the performance and the auger fruit juicers excel precisely thanks to their efficiency. Most auger juicers have a power consumption of 150-400W, which is great for slow and steady juice extraction. The result is a juice rich in vitamins and other nutrients.

People often mistakenly believe that a high-quality auger juicer must have a high power consumption. The truth is that it doesn't - a 300W juicer will give you all the fresh juice you could want.

Don't get fooled - auger juicers and RMP

With most appliances you want them to have as many RPM as possible, but auger juicers are the opposite. Individual models range from 60-120 RPM, which is very different from the numbers typical for centrifugal juicers (these can have up to 40,000 RPM). We recommend selecting an auger juicer with a lower speed performance of around 70 RPM.

Are you buying an auger fruit juicer? Pay attention to the collecting container volume

The larger the volume of the container, the more juice you can press without having to empty the container during preparation, which will save you time and energy. When buying a juicer, think about how much juice you usually want to make and leave some reserve in case you ever want to make more.

Size of the filling opening - auger and centrifugal juicers

Whether you choose an augeror or centrifugal juicer, keep in mind the size of the filling opening. A larger opening means you will have to do less work cutting fruit and vegetables into small pieces before processing them.


How to recognise a professional auger juicer?

A professional auger juicer is characterised by high non-stop performance and good build quality of the body. Also note the large filling opening, which allows you to juice large pieces of fruit. All these parameters are a must for a professional appliance.

Taking care of your auger juicer

The auger juicer gets dirty during use. Most juicers are easy to disassemble, so you can put the individual parts in the dishwasher. However, we recommend that you specifically check if the dishwasher option for your preferred model, as not all juicers support it.

Wondering where to get the cheapest auger juicer? Our Used section often hides some real gems.

Other auger juicer functions

Wondering what other neat features an auger juicer can have? Let's check them out.

  • Reverse function can help you rescue jammed fruit or vegetables.
  • Thermal safety feature keeps you safe.
  • A good brush makes cleaning easier and will save you time and effort.
  • The touch control panel allows you to control the appliance in an easy and intuitive way.
  • The DripStop function prevents juice from dripping.
  • The tamper makes it easier to stuff fruits and vegetables into the appliance.

Curious what the best rated auger juicer is? Our customers' reviews will tell you more.

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