Custom-built PCs

Alza Individual Custom-built PCs

Want to consult a technicial before choosing the perfect components? Know exactly what you want from your PC but have no idea how to build it?

For any individual requirement, we have the solution. Purchase Alza Individual and our professional technicians will build you the perfect PC.

A technician will be contacted no later than the next day.
Consultations take place via email or telephone.
The assembled PC is delivered within 5 days of confirmation with a technician.
The possibiltiy to to add custom components.
Precise adjustment of cables.
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If you are unsure which components you want, simply add the the Alza Individual service to the cart.

If you have already selected the components you want, add the Alza Individual service to your order.
In both cases a technician will be contacted within 24 hours of placing the order and will consult with you your chosen components.
Ordering the Alza Individual service is not a binding order for the assembly of your PC. You must first confirm your interest (see below).
We will only start to assemble your PC once you have confirmed your interest in the service via a phone call with a technician or email.
If some components are not available or compatible, we will offer you suitable alternatives.
After completing a thorough testing of all components and connectors, we will send you information about delivery or collection.

Alza Individual Expert Computer assembly

Already selected your components but need help putting them together? Happy with your selection and want your computer assembled as quickly as possible?

Let our professional technicians assemble your PC for you.

After pressing "Select Alza Individual Expert" you will be redirected to a special version of the shopping cart designed for PC configuration.
The special interface ensures that you don't forget any key components.
Once you have selected all the components, choose the "I want to build a computer" option and place the order.
Our technicians then check the compatibility of components before getting started.
The finished setup will be delivered within 5 days of placing the order.
If there are any complications during assembly, we will contact you immediately with a solution.
Select Alza Individual Expert for £0
Check out this handy guide to building a PC. Want to know more?

Customisable PCs

This service
will be available soon ...

Let us assemble your PC for you

We are so confident of the quality of our setups that we have added a series of outstanding benefits as part of the deal.

3-year warranty

Because we believe in the quality of the selected components, we offer an extended warranty of three years

  • Free repair service in case of hardware failure
  • Free troubleshooting for the operating system

Free collection in the event of a fault

We'll take care of every detail.

  • Contact our call center at +44 (0)203 514 4411
  • We can pick up a computer from any address
  • Once your PC is successfully repaired, we will return it to your chosen address

Easy expansion or replacement of components

You can add or replace new parts without a loss of warranty.

  • We trust our customers' decisions
  • You don't have to carry your computer anywhere in order to expand its memory or hard drive!
  • Need some advice? Contact our experts!

Rigorous testing

Each setup undergoes rigorous testing before being sent to the customer

  • We use only the most demanding testing applications
  • We use the professional 3DMark testing tool
  • A complete test of multimedia PC performance in Mark 8

Discuss with the pros

Feel free to ask our technicians any questions you may have regarding your setup

  • Speak directly to technicians responsbile for assembling PCs
  • We respond to all inquiries
  • We are experts on hardware, software and games

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a PC?

Your PC will be assembled and delivered within 5 days of you confirming the order with a technician. In case of any complications, our technicians will contact you and look for the best solution.

Can I withdraw from the purchase agreement within 14 days?

As the goods in this service are tailor-made for individual customers, it is not possible to withdraw from the agreement.

Can I choose some components and let a technician choose the rest?

Yes, after you select the service and some of the components, a technician will contact you to discuss the fine-tuning of the rest of the setup.

Does Alza Individual come with a warranty?

Yes, computers and components bought as part of the Alza Individual service come with a 36-month warranty.

Do custom-built PCs undergo testing before being sent to the customer?

Yes, before they are sent to the customer, our custom-built computers undergo stress tests in Windows 10, where we do at least 12-hour tests of the CPU, graphics card, memory, and thus also the power source and motherboard. We also test all USB and audio outputs.

Where is the operating system installed if the PC has an SSD and a classic hard drive?

If your configuration includes an SSD, we install the OS on the SSD. If you prefer, however, the OS can be installed on any other disc of your choice or on RAID array.

Is it possible to buy some components and use others that I already have at home?

Yes, you can upgrade your PC by choosing the new components and then bringing your PC to us. Our technicians will then install the new components and test the new configuration before returning it to you.

Is it possible to customise ready-built PCs from your website?

No, it isn't possible to customise these ready-built PCs. If you have a clear idea of your dream setup, however, we recommend using our Alza Individual service directly.
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