Food Processor vs. Stand Mixer - What's the Difference?


If you are looking for some expert help in the kitchen, your safest bet is a food processor or stand mixer. But what can they do? Why and how are they different? Why can some food processors work as a mixer and others not? Read on, and we shall try to satisfy your curiosity. What's more, we've got a wonderful recipe for a salmon side dish that will have gastronomes and raw food fans begging for more. Get yourself a modern kitchen device that makes all your cooking and baking easier.

Mixer's Gonna Mix, Processor's Gonna Process

Many people have no idea about the differences between stand mixers and food processors. However, a quick glance is enough to tell the two apart, and their uses are also distinguishable. Stand mixers are designed to help you bake. They feature a large bowl for whisking and kneading. Food processors normally come with a smaller bowl and functions that allow you to process (slice, grate, chop etc.) a wider range of foods.

Stand mixers are simple enough for children to operate

Stand Mixers—Built for Baking!

With their large plastic or stainless-steel bowls, stand mixers are easy to identify. They come with a range of beaters to help you knead, whisk, whip and mix.

Stand mixers help you:

  • Bake
  • Whip egg whites
  • Knead dough
  • Mix smooth batter

Some stand mixers have the option of connecting accessories that gives them the ability to perform typical food processor tasks, such as grating or slicing. However, this is not an option on most models.

  • Saves time during whipping
  • Relieves hands during kneading
  • Easy maintenance
  • They take up a lot of space
  • If they do not have a cover, contents may splash out of the container
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Try the exceptional high-quality products from the Kenwood range.

If you've broken your trusted handheld mixer, you might want to save time and work by treating yourself to a stand mixer. You don't have to be near it while it works—just switch it on, and you are free to get on with other tasks. The only drawback is that they take up more space than a handheld mixer. On the other hand, they are always ready for use as you don't have to search for individual parts to put together.

Stand mixers make baking easy

Passionate Chefs Love Food Processors

If you like to cook, a food processor can make preparation faster and far more efficient. Food processors take the pain out of time laborious tasks such as grating and shredding. You can easily recognise a food processor by its transparent plastic container with a tool inside. The container is mounted on an axle, on which you can place different tools for chopping, grating, slicing and so on.

Food processors often come with an additional mixing container for use as a classic mixer or chopper. Simply unlock the original container and attach the new one. The possibilities of food processors are almost endless. Find out what other accessories you can purchase to get the most out of each model. You won't be disappointed—food processors are a multifunctional tool that you can end up using use every day. And that's not all—they open the door to healthier eating by making vegetable processing faster, more efficient, and a lot more enjoyable.

  • Many functions in a small device
  • Easy to use
  • Makes everyday cooking easier
  • More parts to clean
  • They can be quite noisy
i Try our recipe for an unusual but delicious side dish instead.
Grilled salmon with ready-squeezed orange fruit and pulp, plus a freshly-grated carrot garnish. Add hot Dijon mustard for flavour and season as desired. A healthy and delicious tasting dish that you and your food processor can conjure up in minutes!

Food processors are great for cooking

Additional Features and Options

  • Mixing whisk - mixes ingredients that can be difficult
  • Balloon whisk - ideal for whipping egg whites and cream
  • Dough hook - ideal for kneading thick dough
  • Grating blade - grates cucumbers, carrots, etc.
  • Mixer - mixes any food (models have a glass container for damage-free ice processing)
  • Citrus press - prepares fresh citrus juice, including pulp
  • Juicer - pure juice from fruit or vegetables without pulp
  • Crusher - crushes ice—perfect for homemade mojitos
  • Chipping blade - prepare tasty homemade chips or French fries
  • Meat mincer - make minced beef or pork at home, without additives
  • Grinder - grinds hard spices and fresh poppy seeds

Stand Mixer or Food Processor—Who's the Winner?

Both of these outstanding helpers have their place in every kitchen. It depends whether you prefer a device that can sufficiently handle everything task you throw at it, or a device that specialises in one. If you like to bake, a stand mixer makes preparing dough and batter much faster and easier.

A Food processor saves you time and hassle by chopping and slicing a variety of vegetables and other ingredients. A carrot or cucumber salad now won't cost you a fraction of a finger or half an hour of your time—just a couple of minutes, and it's ready to eat. You could always get the best of both worlds and welcome both of these extraordinary devices into your home.

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