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We have the best adventure games for all hardcore gamers. There's a huge variety of genres to choose from on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. An adventure game could be a story game, a detective game or a crime game. Adventure games let you experience the unexpected. Immerse yourself in a world of adventure with us.


An Adventure Game is a Game with a Story

An adventure game is a video game with an immersive storyline that keeps you engrossed in the plot. Adventure games are usually computer games, but you can also find adventure games for consoles. Most of the time an adventure game is a story where you play the role of the main character going on a quest and solving puzzles within a virtual environment. Boredom is never an element of an adventure game.

Five Adventure Game Genres

An adventure game is ideal for exercising your memory and testing your ingenuity. You get more genres than just crime, adventure or story adventure games. The genre has many variations.

  • Story games are a genre of adventure games. The narrative game, Tell Me Why from the creators of Life is Strange is a perfect example of a story game. These are games where you follow the trail of intricate storylines and you have to solve problems.
  • Adventure games started to emerge after the advancement of computer technology, and they immerse you with their graphics. Adventure games most often use a three-dimensional setting in real-time.
  • Detective games are adventure games with dark stories with an element of mystery. You can play as the ace detective, Sherlock Holmes or engage in adventure games based on stories by Edgar Allan Poe and many other famous writers of detective fiction.
  • Classic adventure games, such as Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis, should be played by everyone. Older adventure games have a charm of their own and any serious gamer should explore these adventure games.
  • Crime adventure games have complex plots that remind you of spy novels. This genre includes games like Thimbleweed Park or Return of the Obra Dinn.

Adventure games are mostly made for single-player play. This means that only one player plays the game. But there are also games that are adapted for multiple players (so-called multiplayer games).

Adventure Game - Super Mario

Preview of the adventure game: Super Mario.

The Best Adventure Games of All Time

Looking for the best adventure games? Or games similar to Cop? We have some inspiration for you:

  1. Nancy Drew: Be the protagonist in mystery novels who solves baffling cases.
  2. Messenger of Death or Black Mirror: Solve various medieval mysteries.
  3. Ni.Bi.Ru will enchant you with its sophisticated graphics and reveal various Nazi projects.
  4. Sherlock Holmes is a fascinating series of 3D adventure games from the Ukrainian studio, Frogwares.
  5. Alter Ego lets you play as two characters in turn. Unravel the mysteries of the Plymouth Murders.

Subgenres of Adventure Games

We divide adventure games into technical subgenres, which can also intermingle in various ways. Below we explain the basic divisions to make it easier to choose the right adventure game for you. Think about old adventure games or new ones packed with graphics.

  • Text adventure games have been with us since the 1970s and are a staple of the genre. One of the first pioneering games was Colossal Cave Adventure.
  • Graphic adventure games involve the emotions of the player. This genre is further divided into escape room games, logical puzzle games, exploratory adventure games, and finally point-and-click games.
  • Visual Novels combine graphic and text adventure games such as Hatoful Boyfriend.
  • Hybrids are a combination of several genres. A beautiful example is the adventure game, Ace Attorney, a visual novel with point and click elements.

Point-and-click Adventure Games

Point and click adventures games can be played on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The main role is the avatar you control. Use the mouse cursor to give it commands that it will execute based on a programming principle.


Adventure games are not a piece of cake for developers. They can take years to develop. Every adventure game must have plenty of alternative paths and endings that the player can take.

Adventure Game - Botanicula

A sample of the hilarious Czech adventure game, Botanicula.

Adventure Games according to Gaming Device

Whether you want to play crime or adventure games, you need to choose your games according to the gaming device (PC or console) you'll be playing on. What are your options?

Thanks to the smartphone extension, you can play some new and old adventure games on your mobile device.

How to Install Adventure Games?

Adventure games are available in a classic boxed version with CD or as an electronic license. Upon payment, you'll receive a code to redeem at one of the selected game stores (Steam, Uplay, Xbox Live, Microsoft Store, etc.). For installation instructions and other details about the game, please see the product description.


Adventure games online? Yes! You can play simply by registering on the PC server. For Xbox or PlayStation you can purchase the game in your game account.

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Adventure Games

Adventure Games

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