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GPS Trackers Keep Track of Everything Precious to You

GPS Trackers Keep Track of Everything Precious to You

Are you satisfied only when everything in your life is under control? But then things don't always work out the way you want them to? We offer a fairly affordable solution: a GPS tracker. With its help, you can keep track of your valuable items, pet, car, tractor or your grandmother watching your kids. With a GPS tracker, you can always check their current movement or position.

What Can You Learn About GPS Trackers?

  1. How Do GPS Trackers Work?
  2. Key Features of a GPS Tracker
  3. How to Select a Suitable GPS Tracker
  4. GPS Trackers and the Legality of Their Use
  5. Types of GPS Trackers
  6. Car GPS Trackers
  7. GPS Trackers for People
  8. GPS Trackers for Animals
  9. GPS Trackers for Your Valuables

How Do GPS Trackers Work?

GPS trackers are portable devices that allow people to monitor animals, vehicles or objects.

Manufacturers usually offer an application to track the movement of your device on a map, but also to set up an "electronic fence" called GEO-Fence to customise other parameters according to your needs. To run the device, you need to pair it with your phone and usually, you need to register it on the manufacturer's website.

For most devices, a SIM card is used to transfer the GPS coordinates.

If the card is integrated into the tracker, either a flat rate is included in the price, and you do not have to pay any additional charges or you can choose a suitable tariff with worldwide or local range for its use.

If the SIM card is not a part of your device, you need to get it from your operator, preferably with a minimum flat fee. The tracking of the movement or the location starts after the activation of the SIM card. However, if you want to use a smart watch for children to keep track of the little ones, you will need a tariff with a data volume of at least 500MB, or better yet with 1GB. The watch allows you to make calls, video calls, send text messages, and connect to WiFi, which could lead to extra charges if your data volume isn't enough.

GPS tracker, SIM card
Some GPS trackers have a battery life of up to half a year, but for normal trackers, expect it to last a few days or weeks. Depending, of course, on the frequency of GPS usage and notifications.

Some car GPS trackers, such as the Helmer LK 506, operate in a basic mode by simply calling the SIM card number at any time. Then you will receive a text message about the current position of the subject being watched. In enhanced mode, the device can also be set up to regularly transmit data to a dedicated server, enabling you to have another feature - real-time online tracking. This, however, entails higher financial costs because data that is continuously transmitted will naturally cost more than the occasional text message.

Of course, it is necessary for the tracker to be located within the location covered by the GPS signal. If it happens to be in an area with no coverage, it will usually automatically notify you via a text message and mark the last known position.

Key Features of a GPS Tracker

  1. Easy to use with a smartphone
  2. Quick use and installation, often only with a magnetic snap
  3. Safety for your loved ones, and your valuable items
  4. An immediate overview of the movement or location of the object being watched
  5. An option to display the position of the monitored object on a map

Other Features of GPS Trackers

GPS trackers encompass a whole range of products, and according to the manufacturer they also differ in the features offered. Here's a summary of the most common features you can find in tracking devices. Their overview will help you choose a device that suits your needs. So what can smart GPS trackers offer you?

Set Limits within the Monitored Area

One of the useful features of a GPS tracker is the ability to set a specific distance of the monitored object. When the tracker crosses the boundaries, you will be notified immediately via text message or notification on the screen (not all trackers can send texts). This gives you a chance to react quickly to the theft of your property, whether it's a car or your valuables. This function, also known as GEO-Fence, AlertArea or Safe Zone, is highly practical for when a pet runs away, but you will most appreciate it for checking the safety of your children moving around the neighbourhood.

i You can set up a password to communicate with the tracker. Then, you can be sure that nobody else can use the device from their phone.

Many GPS trackers can work almost all over the world, so they will be great for travellers, whether they are travelling as a hobby or for their job.

GPS tracker; features
Use a GPS tracker to track people or objects in real-time.

How to Select a Suitable GPS Tracker

As far as the technical parameters are concerned, you should definitely consider the waterproofing level and the suitable operating temperature range of the GPS tracker you want to buy. These can range from -20°C to 70°C.

Also, you should check the battery type and charging options. The original packaging should include an appropriate charger. There are also trackers with wireless charging. The battery life of the device on one charge is also a very important parameter. Some trackers can only work for a few days and others offer up to half a year without charging.

i Make sure to also check the GPS accuracy you expect from the device. Some trackers offer a focus of up to 4 metres from the viewing object, others have a wider focus range, for example, 10 metres or more.

With GPS trackers that have an associated mobile application, you get a user-friendly overview of many details, such as the history of the movement, the location on the map, or the last recorded position. You will also be able to set key features such as operating modes, quick commands, and more.

GPS trackers, smart phones, applications
The application will allow you to collect and control data from your GPS tracker from the comfort of your home.

GPS Trackers and the Legality of Their Use

Tracking, of course, has its own rules. For children over 15, parents must have their informed consent. Adults can be tracked using a GPS tracker only with their consent.

Types of GPS Trackers

GPS trackers can be divided into universal ones that can track virtually anyone or anything, and specialised ones that focus exclusively on locating and tracking a particular object - humans, animals, vehicles or valuables. Specialised trackers will then offer more options specifically targeted on the particular object being tracked.

i For shorter distances, you will need a Bluetooth tracker. Compared to GPS trackers, they are significantly smaller and you will be pleased with the longer battery life. You can use them against losing or forgetting your personal belongings.

You can also buy other handy accessories for GPS trackers. To maximise their performance, you can get a car battery charger, a digital signal-boosting antenna, or a shock sensor.

Car GPS Trackers

Car monitoring is often used by employers to monitor the movement of company cars entrusted to employees. GPS tracking devices can be linked to electronic driving route books for immediate control and the possibility of improving logistical procedures. Trackers are also useful for the tracking of outgoing or incoming trucks.

Car GPS trackers are of course also used in smaller companies. For private purposes, people use them especially to protect cars or bikes from theft.

GPS trackers need to be plugged into the wiring of the vehicle due to their power supply, but the whole procedure is fairly simple and every skilled car owner can handle it.

GPS locator
A GPS tracker in your car can save you a lot of trouble, whether you're simply forgetful or your car gets stolen.

GPS Trackers for Children

The very practical GPS trackers for children are used especially for their safety, for when they're on their way home from school or going out after dark.

These trackers come in the shape of smart watches for children in appealing designs. The SIM card is then inserted into the appropriate slot in the watch and, after activation, you can enter several contacts and use them for calls or video calls. In addition, they can alert you if they were taken off or if the battery runs out.

There is also an SOS call button which usually sends your last known location to predefined numbers when you press it, or it starts recording your surroundings.

GPS lokátor; hodinky
Make sure your kids are safe with the GPS watch they can wear with pride.

In the context of safety, we can not forget about the very useful separate SOS button in the form of a pendant. It is primarily used to call for emergency assistance in case of injuries or other threats. It has features such as triggering an alarm when a button is pressed or when a fall is detected. It can send a text message to the stored phone numbers and provides a callback option. SOS buttons will find practical use especially for older people living alone.

GPS locators; SOS buttons
It's no exaggeration when we say the SOS button can save lives.

GPS Trackers for Tracking Animals

These usually look like collars with the ability to track dogs or cats and are useful especially if your pets often leave home without your knowledge. This is definitely a pleasant solution for pet owners who are losing their patience with the eternal search for their pets. With integrated GPS technology, it is possible to monitor the current animal movement, but the GPS tracker also provides you with a route recording. So you can easily find out where your runaway is most likely to go.

Trackers for dogs and cats can also work abroad, so you can take your beloved pet on holiday with you without any worries.

i A smart collar can help you not only to find your pet but with its help, you can also track the health of your four-legged friends. By having an overview of the animal's movement, you can conveniently regulate the balance of its food intake and energy use, thereby preventing obesity.

The collar is adapted to the animals so that it does not prick anywhere and is comfortable for them. Optionally, there are also separate locators on the market, which are simply attached to the collar or to its loop.

GPS  locator; collar
GPS trackers for animals will grant you a peaceful evening, even if your pet has not returned for dinner in time.

GPS Trackers for the Safety of Your Valuables

Trackers that help keep track of valuable items work like the above-mentioned types and can also have practical additional features. For example, you can use the Helmer LK 510 GPS tracker as a power bank or a torch.

GPS  locator; Helmer
GPS valuable trackers are basically multifunctional devices.

For an example of who can benefit from a valuables tracker are photographers, who can use it to look after their valuable device and its accessories. The GPS tracker is small enough to place at the bottom of your camera bag, so you can keep everything under control. It will be a good tool even on the road especially if you have already dealt with lost luggage.

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