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Powerline adapters are an interesting alternative for home internet access, and not only for areas that are outside of the range of a WiFi network. In recent years, there has been a major improvement in the technology, so up to gigabit Ethernet can be achieved through electric cables. What are Powerline adapters' main benefits and do you need to call an electrician to help install them?

What are Some Benefits of Powerline Adapters?

A stable and fast internet connection is key for every modern home. It's essential for students to complete schoolwork, but it's also important for parents. It also serves as a means of entertainment. Nowadays laptops, tablets, mobile phones and game consoles all connect to WiFi. When installing a WiFi network, it's necessary to factor in possible complications, such as walls, distances, etc. In situations where ordinary WiFi is inadequate, a traditional cable network is usually the traditional solution. What can you do when you don't want to drill into walls or install new cables? The solution - Powerline adapters.

i WiFi Mesh
If you are not limited financially and want to set up an extensive WiFi network at home, take advantage of a premium solution featuring a family of products called WiFi Mesh. It has three mutually cooperating routers that can cover up to ​​550m2.

This is not an emergency solution. Modern Powerline devices deliver faster and more stable data transfers than most WiFi routers. Technology has had a significant shift since the last generation. Unlike the previous version, the latest Powerline adapters use three 220V electrical connectors

Starter kit D-LINK AV1000 Starter kit D-LINK AV1000; boční pohled

D-LINK AV1000 Starter kit

How Do Powerline Adapters Work?

A Powerline adapter works quite simply. It constantly transmits a frequency modulated for data transfer, which signals throughout electrical outlets. A second Powerline adapter plugged into any electrical outlet recognises the signal and decodes it.

The HomePlug AV2 series of powerline adapters can use multiple frequency bands, has improved coding and overall uses lower power consumption. This enables significantly faster data transfers.

i Secure Data Transfers
It might seem that your neighbours can easily connect to your network, but that's not the case. All data transmission is encrypted (e.g. 128bit AES), and crossing the phases in the distribution box significantly reduces the quality and speed of the transmitted signal.

How to Plug In a Powerline Adapter Through a 220V Outlet

Powerline adapters are typically supplied in a pair and their connection is extremely easy to install. It's recommended that you pair the two new adapters in a single power outlet, where they are close together. How can you set up a Powerline network?

  1. When the adapter is plugged in, a short initialisation will take place
  2. Press and momentarily hold the pair button on one of the adapters
  3. Do the same on the other adapter within 2 min for network security and data protection
  4. Now you can place the paired adapters anywhere in your home

Ideally, the adapter should be plugged directly into a power outlet, not an extension cord. We recommend using Powerline adapters with a pass-through power outlet, which can then be used to plug in other devices.

High Transmission Speeds Through Electrical Wires

Powerline adapters from TP-LINK conform to the HomePlug AV2 transmission standards, which allows transmission speeds of up to 1000Mb/sec. This high speed allows you to stream video in 4K resolution, play online games and transfer large files. The Powerline adapter is often equipped with a hub, and you can easily access two Ethernet ports from one socket.

Powerline adaptér

Powerline adapters often have a hub to connect multiple devices at the same time.

Like wireless networks, when data is transferred over electrical outlets via Powerline adapters, the transmission speed decreases with increased distance. Electric currents in walls rarely follow the shortest possible route. TP-LINK Powerline adapters work at a transmission distance of about 300m, which is sufficient even in a large house. However, the speed of the data transmission depends on the quality and, above all, the network's age. An important element is also the overloaded power adapters of the and interference from various household appliances. Therefore, transmission speed may vary.

Powerline adapters are a lifesaver for all those who don't want to drill through any walls. Modern adapters offer a good speed even for streaming 4K videos and avoid the regular disruptions and downtime of unstable WiFi networks.


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