How to choose a mobile phone holder



Holders can hold your mobile phone tightly and securely. You will mostly find them in cars, but they are also suitable for bicycles or motorbikes. There is so many more opportunities to use mobile phone holders. The market offers wide range of both universal holders and those designed for a specific type of mobile phone. We can also include tripods and selfie sticks in this category to help you take better photos.

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What to look out for when choosing a mobile holder?

  1. The purpose. Are you looking for a car phone holder so that you can use your phone as a navigation device? Or do you need a holder to take more interesting photos?
  2. Mobile phone type. Some holders are universal, others are designed for a specific model.
  3. Material - holders are mostly plastic, the better quality ones have metal components.
  4. Mounting method - important especially for car phone holders, some of them you can stick to the windshield, others are inserted into the ventilation grille.

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Car phone holders

  • Gives you a good view of the phone screen while driving
  • The phone can be easily attached to the holder
  • Easy to adjust the angle of the phone in the holder

The use of mobile phone holders is as old as the use of mobile phones themselves. Their initial purpose was to make the phone available when used with the hands-free kit. Nowadays, this type of usage remains, but we also have another one, no less important: many people use their phones as GPS navigation while driving, which increases demands on the holder itself. The phone must be held tightly, but at the same time the angle should be adjustable so that the user can see the display clearly.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Fast and easy mounting
  • Good view of the display
  • Easy to use for hands-free calls
  • Risk of distraction in the car
  • The phone may become warm when placed into the ventilation grille
  • Charging is not possible with some holders

Frequently asked questions when choosing car phone holders

How to install the car phone holder?

There are three ways to install the phone holder to the dashboard.

  • Insert into the ventilation grille - the disadvantage is that during the winter, the phone can become very warm due to the hot air coming from the air conditioner. Also, the ventilation grille may not alway hold the same position, making the holder unstable.
  • Stick to the windshield - it it best to place the holder at eye level, but be careful not to block your view, the police might not like it.
  • Stick to the dashboard - a very practical way, but not every dashboard is suitable for this. The most important is to ensure you can see the phone screen clearly and it does not block your view.

How is the phone attached to the holder?

Again, there are three ways.

  • Pair of jaws that surround the phone tightly. The disadvantage is that for manipulation you will need both hands.
  • Holders with sensor - these will make your work easier when attaching the phone. As you approach, the jaws of the holder will unfold themselves. Then it is very simple to fit the phone in the holder, easily manageable with one hand.
  • Magnetic holders - in this case, you only need to have a metal plate stuck to the back of your phone. Then you just place the phone on the holder.

Can I charge my phone while it's placed in the holder?

If you know you will need to charge your phone in your car, look for a holder that can do it. On the market you can find those with integrated charging (either with microUSB connector, newer USB-C or Lightning for iPhones ). There are also car holders that support wireless charging.

Bicycle/motorcycle mobile phone holders

  • Designed for use with bike/motorbike
  • Attachment with jaws
  • Some are water resistant

The purpose of the bike or motorcycle holder is very similar to that of a car phone holder - to have a phone available when driving, whether for navigation or hands-free. However, the method of attachment is different, the holder is usually attached to the handlebar. The phone is fastened to the handlebar with two or four jaws which hold the phone tightly. You will also find number of special protective phone cases on the market, which are designed to be attached to a bike or motorcycle. Apart from holding the phone, they also offer protection against humidity and scratches.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Designed for use in harsh conditions
  • Some offer protection against scratches and humidity
  • Allows a good view of the display
  • Must match the handlebar/type of phone
  • Risk of distraction while driving

Frequently asked questions when choosing bike/motorcycle holders

Do bike holders offer any protection of your phone?

If you use only the holder itself, it does not. It is definitely worth it to have your phone in a protective case designed for sports purposes or to use a combination of hard cover and protective glass or foil.

Desk phone holder

  • Convenient phone placement on the table
  • Some are height adjustable
  • Some are in the form of charging stands

Is it part of your job to be on the phone all the time? Positioning the device horizontally on a table may not suit everyone. With the desk holder, you can position your phone so that you can see the screen clearly from your point of view. An interesting option is the charging stand, which keeps your phone upright while charging it.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • They provide a good view of the phone screen
  • Often includes an integrated charger
  • Easy to fit the device into the holder
  • Some types may not be completely stable
  • No all holders allow charging

Frequently asked questions about desk phone holders

Can't the phone fall off and get damaged?

This, of course, depends on the type of the holder. Some have a broad base and some are equipped with a suction cup. This will make sure the phone stays where it is.


  • Important for photographers
  • Height adjustable
  • They must be equipped with a fastening plate for the mobile phone

Tripods are commonly known as part of photography equipment. However, since camera features of mobile phones have greatly improved, tripods have become part of the equipment of those who prefer to take photos with their phones. Their purpose is the same in both cases - to keep the device standing still and thus preventing blurry photos (which can be otherwise easily caused by gentle vibrations when holding the device in hand). Tripods for mobile phones are designed to fit mobile phones, they cannot use the standard mount with a standardized screw, which can be found at tripods for cameras. So choose only those tripods that features fastening plate or you can buy an adapter that can be attached to a standard tripod, initially designed for cameras.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • More stable shots
  • Photos from untraditional angles
  • Tripods for mobile phones are universal for all models
  • They take up luggage space
  • For mobile phones it is necessary to look for the type with fastening plate
  • Some may not be very practical for carrying them around

Frequently asked questions about tripods

How do I know if my tripod is compatible with my phone?

In the case of tripods it is not necessary to know the exact dimensions of the phone. The fastening plates are universal and adaptable to the size of your phone.

Selfie sticks/stabilizers

  • For lovers of selfies
  • Adjustable length
  • Stabilizers are suitable for video shooting

Just like tripods, selfie sticks and stabilizers are used to make your photos look their best. Both offer a better phone hold so you can find new, often unexpected angles for your photos. Selfie stick, as the name implies, offers more comfortable self-portrait photography, stabilizer will be appreciated especially when shooting videos. They help to compensate vibrations that negatively affect equipment quality. Some selfie sticks have a foldable handle which can be transformed to a tripod.

Frequently asked questions about selfie sticks and stabilizers

What are the basic parameters that you should follow when buying a selfie stick?

An important parameter is the type of handle itself. It should have a comfortable grip and a non-slip (e.g. rubber) layer on the handle. Weight is also important. Ideal weight is about 80g to 100g. Such selfie stick if light enough not to cause pain in your arm and at the same time is sturdy enough not to shake. Also remember that the chosen selfie stick may not be compatible with your mobile phone. They are often universal, but it is always good to check the compatibility first.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • More options when taking selfies
  • More stable videos
  • Often unexpected shooting angles
  • It may not be compatible with your mobile phone
  • They take up luggage space
  • Often impractical to carry around


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