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How to Choose a Phone Case


The reason to use a cell phone case is simple: they usually protect your expensive device against damage. It protects the screen from scratches and increases resistance of the device itself, for example in case of dropping. The design of the case is also very important. With a phone case, the back of the phone can look just the way you want.

Jak vybrat mobilní kryt

Tips for choosing a phone case/cover

  1. Most cases/covers are designed for a specific phone's model. When getting a wrong model, the camera cut-out might not fit etc.
  2. Decide if you want to use a case or cover - see below.
  3. The mobile phone case or cover provides a variety of personalization options.
  4. In any case, we recommend to use a glass screen protection.

What is the difference between the cover and the mobile phone case?

Case (left image)

The case also protects the screen of the phone and if you need to use the phone, you have to pull it out or flip open the case. It makes a great accessory to your outfit.

Cover (right image)

The cover is placed only on the back of the phone and most often made of plastic, silicone or leather. It does not protect the screen, but provides the rest of the phone with solid protection (depending on the case). To protect the display, we recommend to get a glass screen protection or a screen foil .

Jak vybrat kryt - pouzdro Jak vybrat kryt - kryt
Phone case on the left, phone cover on the right.

Get a personalized cover

With Alza you can easily create a phone cover with your own design. Send us the photo you want printed on the back of the cover and in a few days you will receive an original cover that no one else has.

The process is simple: Take a photo, upload it and the original protection is home. When choosing a cover, click on "Custom style", and you will be directed to a simple editor. Choose from pre-set themes or upload your own photo. You can find a list of all available covers here: Custom style phone covers

Videoguide for choosing a personalized phone cover.

Basic parameters for phone case selection


  • Plastic - the most common material for phone cases. It is flexible and durable enough to provide a good protection for your phone.
  • TPU - it is a durable type of plastic that is reinforced with glass fibers.
  • Polycarbonate (thermoplastic) - is an ideal material for outdoor cases. It is shock resistant and copes with temperature changes.
  • Silicone - a thin and inexpensive material that offers relatively good shock-resistance and protection against other damage. A big advantage is its flexibility, which allows the cover to fit perfectly on the phone.
  • Leather - elegant material great for cases designed to be used in more formal situations.
  • Artificial leather - cheaper option to genuine leather, most often used for flip cases.

Phone dimensions

The phone must be securely held in the case. You don't necessarily need a phone case from the same brand as your phone, other producers also sell perfectly fitting cases because they receive accurate dimensions from the phone manufacturers. On every case you should find which specific model is the case designed for. Make sure you also check the year of production as some generations of mobile phones may have the same names but the dimensions might be slightly different.

Perimeter frame of the case

Watch out for the quality of the case frame. Although the perimeter frame of the phone is usually the most durable part (often made of metal), the solid case frame is important to fit properly on the phone.

If you can, also notice how the front and back part of the case are connected to the frame, whether the case is a one-piece case, or several parts are glued together. A cover made of one piece is more resistant than cover made up of several parts. Still, it's always better to have a glued cover than not having any.

Methods of attachment

There are basically two. Either snap the phone in the case (cases that are designed for a specific type of phone), or slide the phone in the case (universal cases). With those, however, you lose the possibility of quick use of camera, because the phone is hidden in the case like in a pouch. You need to pull the phone out to take pictures.

Occasions for using the cover

When choosing the phone case, it is important to consider when and where you will be using it. Whether it will be an elegant accessory to your handbag or its main purpose will be to protect the phone in outdoor conditions.

  • Common use - if you only need a basic protection, all phone covers are suitable for everyday use in standard conditions.
  • Formal occasions - look for elegant models, mostly found in the flip case category. They are available in a wide range of designs. Flip cases often have pockets for storing cards which is very practical extra feature.
  • Sport, outdoor - durable cases designed for active life. Their design is adapted to the functionality, rather than newest trends. You also need to take into account the type of sport you will use the cover for, as the form and features of the case differ depending on your requirements.

Level of protection

Outdoor cases with a reinforced construction are definitely the safest option. They are designed to protect the phone even when it's dropped face down. The cheaper silicon covers usually offer just basic protection against scratches on the back of the phone and on the sides. To protect the display, get a glass screen protection, a flip case or a universal case.

Useful features

  • Card holder - some 2in1 flip cases have a pocket to store one or more cards
  • Rubberized surface - prevents the phone from sliding.
  • Wireless Charging - Cases/covers do not normally impede wireless charging. The only exception would be cases/covers with metal parts or covers that are thicker than five millimeters.
  • Stand integrated directly in the back of the cover.
  • Anti-radiation shield - helps to minimize harmful radiation from the phone by 85 to 99%.
Zadní kryty na mobil

Back covers for mobile phones

  • The most common type of mobile phone covers
  • Basic phone protection
  • Protects the back of your phone
  • Easy to customize with your own design

They offer solid phone protection during normal use and great option for personalization. The mobile phone back covers are offered in thousands of different designs, and it is very easy to have the cover printed with whatever you like. They are usually made of silicone or plastic of different quality and durability. However, it only protects the back of the phone, so it is advisable to also use a glass screen protection or screen foil.

Frequently asked questions when choosing back covers

How do I print my design on the cover?

With Alza it's simple. When buying the item, select an option "Custom style", and in a simple editor you can set everything you need. You can choose from pre-set themes or upload your own photo. For more information see Custom covers for mobile phones.

Outdoorová a sportovní pouzdra

Outdoor and sport cases

  • Maximum resistance, eg. for outdoor trips
  • Protects your phone from dust and from damage when dropped
  • Often much more sturdy than other types
  • Made of durable materials

Outdoor cases are expected to be highly durable. It must protect the phone in harsh conditions, it must be water and dust resistant. This category also includes sport cases. They offer easy access to the phone (e.g. to monitor physical performance or play music), so they usually have a strap which can be attached to the arm using velcro fastening.

Frequently asked questions when choosing outdoor and sport cases

What are durable covers made of?

Very often it is a combination of different types of hardened plastic, eg. TSP, a type of plastic reinforced with glass fiber. Polycarbonate is also used, it is resistant to temperature changes and can withstand hard impact. Another material often used is elastic silicone.

Voděodolná pouzdra

Waterproof cases

  • Protects your phone from humidity and water
  • Some models even allow you to dive
  • Simple design
  • Not suitable for normal use

Their main purpose is to protect the phone from humidity. They withstand immersion in water (e.g. swimming, if you don't want to leave your phone unattended) or heavy rain. They are often equipped with a neck strap or a waist strap so you can always carry your phone with you.

Frequently asked questions when choosing waterproof cases

Can I dive with such case?

If you choose a type that allows it, you certainly can. Some are designed only for movement in humid environment, others can handle rain. The best ones can handle immersion to a depth of several meters.

Are these cases also suitable for casual wear?

No, because the waterproof cases are mostly intended only as a water protection. And their appearance matches their function. They are often transparent bags with a tight closure, that you hang on your neck. Of course you can use them outside the water if you like, but the phone is not much protected from damage, for example, when dropped.

Flipová pouzdra

Flip cases

  • Elegant accessory for everyday use
  • It also protects the screen from scratches
  • Opens sideways or upwards

Flip cases are very common. They are elegant and offer full phone protection, including display. The phone is easily accessible by opening the front part of the case. Flip cases most often open sideways like a book, which is very practical and natural. Less frequent cases with upward opening are also available. The selection of flip cases is wide. Decide either by the model of your phone with corresponding openings on the back and sides of the case, or by diagonal screen size.

Frequently asked questions when choosing flip cases

I don't like to open the top of the case every time I want to look at the clock. How to solve this?

You can find cases with a transparent window or opening at the top, which allows you to see the essential part of the screen through the case. Some are also equipped with a sensor which activates the phone display when you open the case.

Do all flip cases have space for bank cards, documents, business cards, etc.?

Many flip cases are 2in1. This means that in addition to the space for the phone itself they also have these practical side pockets. However, there are also cases designed for a mobile phone only.


Cases with a holder

  • Designed especially for cyclists and bikers
  • Easily attached to handlebars thanks to integrated bike mount
  • Protects your smartphone from dust and scratches
  • Some also protect phone from humidity

Mobile phone cases with a holder are basically a subcategory of outdoor cases. These offer increased dust and drop protection, while some types also protect your phone from moisture. Their big advantage is the integrated holder, which is designed for fast, easy and firm attachment to the handlebars of bicycles or motorbikes. On the other hand, it is logically not suitable for normal use.

Frequently asked questions when choosing a case with holder

Are these cases suitable for casual wear?

No. This type of case is designed for a specific use. As stated above, the case is equipped with an integrated holder that isn't very practical for normal use eg. at work. The appearance of the case corresponds to its function, it is not designed to be stylish in the first place.

Pouzdra se stojánkem

Cases with a stand

  • Standard cases equipped with a stand
  • Quick and convenient way to watch videos
  • Decent drop protection
  • Once folded, the stand is almost invisible

Holders with a stand are suitable for anyone who often watch videos on the phone or for example for those who like to read news at breakfast. The integrated stand ensures that you can see better on the screen and your hands won't get tired. Just unfold the hidden stand and place everything on a suitable surface, such as a table when traveling by train or airplane.

Frequently Asked Questions when choosing a case with a stand

Do the cases with the phone stand provide sufficient protection?

Yes. They are primarily designed to protect your phone, having a stand is a practical extra feature. You can be sure that your phone is protected and there is no risk that the stand would fold spontaneously causing the phone to fall on the table.

Univerzální pouzdra

Universal cases

  • They are not limited to a specific phone type
  • You don't even need to know the exact dimensions of the phone
  • Wide range of materials
  • You may encounter problems with openings, e.g. for camera or charging port

Universal cases are the easiest way to protect your phone. This category includes the flip cases mentioned above, which you select by the diagonal screen size of your phone, as well as basic silicone covers that are attached to the back of the phone. If you decide to choose a case from this category, make sure you also protect your phone screen with a glass protection. The category of universal cases also include case pouches, which serve well as basic protection from scratching the phone.

Frequently asked questions when choosing universal cases

How do I choose a universal case?

For example, if you are looking for a phone case quickly and you don't need precise cutouts for a camera, decide by the screen size, aspect ratio, and the dimensions of the phone itself.

Glossary - mobile phones cases


The material used to make phone cases, it is a type of plastic that is reinforced with glass fibers for greater durability.

Perimeter frame

A frame that connects the front and back of the phone cover. It is important for firm hold of the phone.


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