How to choose the best FOREO LUNA cleansing face brush


While each LUNA model has a uniqueness about it, let’s start with what they have in common. They all feature signature T-Sonic pulsations and their primary role is facial cleansing that leaves the skin soft and clean. All LUNAs are made from body-safe silicone so they don’t grow bacteria, all are waterproof and banish 99.5% of dirt and oil. The best part? You never need to replace them, making it an extremely cost-effective choice. Getting to know facial brush differences means you can opt for the one that fits your lifestyle and skin type. So let’s get started!

FOREO LUNA; čistící kartáčky

How to choose the best FOREO LUNA face brush – CONTENT

  1. LUNA: Same, yet different
  2. LUNA 2 for ladies who take their skincare seriously
  3. LUNA mini 2 for anyone learning how to take care of their skin
  4. LUNA play plus for girls who test before they commit
  5. LUNA go for the girl on the go
  6. LUNA fofo for the tech-savvy beauty enthusiast

LUNA: Same, yet different

Model LUNA 2 LUNA mini 2 LUNA go LUNA play plus LUNA fofo
Number of brushes 4 designated brushes for 4 skin types 1 brush for all skin types 4 designated brushes for 4 skin types 1 brush for all skin types 1 brush for all skin types
Skin type Normal, Sensitive, Oily, Combination All types Normal, Sensitive, Oily, Combination All types All types
Brush head 2 sides 3 zones 2 sides 2 zones 2 zones
Cleansing mode
Anti-age mode
Speed intensity 12 8 1 1 Custom
Charging USB-rechargeable USB-rechargeable USB-rechargeable 1 replaceable AAA battery 2 replaceable AAA batteries
Uses per charge 450 300 60 400 400
Price 179,9 GBP 125 GBP 90,35 GBP 43,74 GBP -

LUNA 2 for ladies who take their skincare seriously

With cleansing brushes tailored to 4 skin types - sensitive, oily, normal, and combination - picking the one for you is as easy as knowing your skin type! Every LUNA 2 offers 12 speed intensities and an amazing 450 uses per single USB-charge, enough to get you through over a year of daily cleansing without plugging it in. Gentle exfoliation and a more luminous look are only some of the benefits, this device will take no more than 2 minutes to do its magic so you needn’t worry about wasting time or over-exfoliating.       

FOREO LUNA 2; čistící kartáček
FOREO LUNA 2 (Pearl Pink).

But there is more than meets the eye. If you’ve started to notice fine lines and you’d like to reduce their appearance, LUNA 2 does double duty as an anti-aging massaging device as well. Regular use visibly reduces fine lines and lifts and firms the skin, improving absorption of your favorite skincare products.

LUNA mini 2 for anyone learning how to take care of their skin

One brush type, but 5 colours to choose from is what makes LUNA mini 2 a perfect starter facial brush. It works for all skin types but features 3 cleansing zones so you can tailor your cleansing routine based on touchpoint firmness: sensitive under-eye area, oily T-zone, or dry cheeks have their designated brush zone. It takes one minute twice a day for LUNA mini 2 to eliminate impurities without causing any irritation, and a soft and smooth complexion will emerge.

FOREO LUNA mini 2; čistící kartáček
FOREO LUNA mini 2 (Pearl Pink).

Among its skin benefits, this facial massager offers 8 cleansing speeds and up to 300 uses on just 1 full USB-charge. Anyone starting with skincare or those who are looking to improve their current routine will benefit the most from this cute and vibrant product.

LUNA play plus for girls who test before they commit

If you’re a try-it-before-you-buy-it kind of girl, LUNA play plus is the one to go with. An affordable introduction to the LUNA range, it gives you the opportunity to try the sonic way to cleanse through a larger brush head with 2 zones and a single-intensity setting. This one does not charge via USB, but uses AAA replaceable battery you can easily replace once 400 uses are up. 

FOREO LUNA play plus; čistící kartáček
FOREO LUNA play plus (Pearl Pink).

A clear, refined complexion that is perfectly primed for your favourite skincare products is the result you’ll get after every 1-minute cleanse. Suitable for all skin types, LUNA play plus also represents a great gift option for almost anyone, or for yourself. Find yours amongst 7 colours and make your skin routine fun and playful - we know you’ll love it! 

LUNA go for the girl on the go

Whether you are backpacking from city to city, or off on a faraway tropical getaway, you can ensure you won’t be sacrificing flawless skin if you choose LUNA go. Ideal for those who live out of a suitcase, LUNA go won’t have trouble keeping up with your busy lifestyle or preventing breakouts anywhere, anytime. 

FOREO LUNA go; čistící kartáček

The compact facial brush takes a full LUNA experience and translates it into a tiny, macaroon-sized device. Like LUNA 2, it is also made for 4 different skin types and also features an anti-age side, but provides you with only 1 intensity and up to 60 uses per charge. Portable and lightweight, LUNA go leaves skin firmer and more elastic while removing all dirt and makeup. Sweet!

LUNA fofo for the tech-savvy beauty enthusiast

If you love spending time on your smartphone, then this product is meant for you. First - connect the device to FOREO For You app, second - analyze your skin in a single tap. Then, witness LUNA fofo create a unique, 100% personalized cleansing routine based on your skin analysis. What’s left? To enjoy the routine!

FOREO LUNA fofo; čistící kartáček
FOREO LUNA fofo (Pearl Pink).

The facial brush AND skin analyzer comes with two gold-plated sensors on the back side that read the condition of your skin and translate results into the FOREO app. The front side is designed for thorough cleansing and works on all skin types. No cables, but 2 replaceable AAA batteries that give up to 400 uses, and a skin profile that enables you to keep track of your skin condition, hydration level and age… And don’t even get us started on how glowing and smooth your skin will be!

Which one you choose is ultimately down to you: you know your skin better than anyone else. No matter which device you purchase, FOREO LUNA range is amongst the best facial brushes available - we know you can’t go wrong! Get your device at Alza.


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