How to reset your phone to the factory settings


Resetting your phone to the factory settings is a process, which deletes the settings and all the internal memory data. Once you restore your smartphone to the factory settings, the software will look exaclty the same as when you first took the phone out of its box. This process is useful in situations when your phone is running slow or has operating issues. This article will teach you how to reset your mobile phone to the factory settings, no matter which OS you use.

Before using our guide, you need to find out which operating system you have installed on your phone. You can simply deduce it from the brand and model of your devide or look it up in the phone settings under "phone information" (usually the last item in the settings).

! Once the phone is reset to the factory settings, all data, messages, images and phone settings will be erased!

All your data will be lost and irretrievable after you reset your phone to the factory settings. Do not rush this step. Think carefully and back up your data online or on an external storage unit.

When should you reset your phone to the factory settings?

Tovární nastavení - mobilyYou will most likely encounter the recommendation to reset your phone to the factory settings after updating your system. A recently updated system can cause a slow response or even the crashing and jamming of some previously used applications. Resetting your smartphone to the factory settings will most often resolve a majority of the software issues the phone has.

Another reason may be the slow/congested system, which is caused by long-term usage. This especially happens with old smartphone models that lack the speed they had in the beginning. Resetting them to factory settings can solve that problem.

If you buy a new smartphone and decide to sell or donate your old one, you should reset it to the factory settings in order to remove the contents of your phone. In that case, you need to be careful because all of your data will be gone - the phone will delete it, and the device will look like brand new. The data that was stored on the flash memory will be completely "lost". However, there are programmes that allow you to restore erased files.

How to reset your phone to the factory settings

  1. Open your phone settings.

  2. Find "Data back-up" or a similar option in the menu.

  3. Select "Restore factory data"/"Restore factory settings".

  4. Confirm the reset to the factory settings.

  5. Wait for the reset to complete and the phone to restart – or restart the phone on your own.

  6. If you have a back-up, restore the back-up to your phone.

It is strongly recommended to charge your phone before resetting it to the factory settings, or leave it plugged into the charger during the entire process. Some phone types even require this.

Resetting your phone to the factory settings with iOS

iOS is an operating system developed by Apple that is used on all of their devices. The user-friendly system has become highly popular over the years. Most of their phones should have almost identical settings and content placement - the latest iOS has more functions in comparison to the old ones.

Before you reset your iPhone to the factory settings, log out of iCloud – otherwise all your data from your account can be possibly erased (not only from your mobile phone, but from the entire iClound account). At the same time, turn off the "Find my iPhone" function, as the device could remain locked by an activation lock.

iPhone, or any other Apple device can be backed up in two ways: Through a PC or a MacBook with the help of iTunes or in the phone settings without using a computer. We will show you how to do it.

How to reset your phone with iOS

  1. Open the iPhone settings.

  2. Go to "General".

  3. Select the "Reset" option.

  4. Select "Reset All Settings"/"Reset data and settings".

iOS Factory Settings - settings iOS Factory Settings - General iOS Factory Settings - reset iOS Factory Settings - Reset All Settings

How to reset your phone with iOS through iTunes

  1. Open iTunes on your MacBook or a different computer.

  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a cable.

  3. Your iPhone will probably ask you to confirm your computers credibility or security code – confirm the credibility or enter the code.

  4. Select your iPhone as soon as it appears on iTunes.

  5. You will see the "Settings" menu below the selected iPhone.

  6. Select "Summary" and click on "Restore iPhone".

  7. You will see a table where you need to click on "Restore" to confirm the reset.

  8. Wait for the factory reset to finish and the iPhone will restart itself.

In case you lose your iPhone, you can reset it to the factory settings remotely, therefore no one can access your data.

Factory settings  iOS iPhone - iTunes

After resetting your iPhone to the factory settings you can easily recover your backed-up data through iCloud or iTunes (depending on where you backed it up).

Resetting your phone to the factory settings with an Android OS

Tovární nastavení - Android

Android is the most commonly used phone and tablet operating system. Even though it is highly user-friendly, many manufacturers create special upgrades that modify the look of the system, the item order, and add several functions. Therefore, Android devices can have a different item menu location, or have a different name. However, the meaning of the item names and functions do not change.

How to reset your phone with an Android OS

  1. Open the phone settings and go to  "All".

  2. Go to "Personal".

  3. Select "Backup and data recovery".

  4. If you have not backed up your data, you can do it online through Google  – go to "Back-up" and select the items that you want to back up.

  5. Select "Restore factory data".

  6. Select the items you want to delete in the application selection.

  7. Confirm the factory data reset.

  8. Wait for the process to finish.

Factory settings Android Samsung - Phone menu Factory settings Android Samsung - settings Factory settings Android Samsung - General management Factory settings Android Samsung - reset Factory settings Android Samsung - Factory data reset Factory settings Android Samsung - confirm settings

How to reset you phone with an old Android system (SAMSUNG)

  1. Open your phone settings.

  2. Slide down and select "Privacy".

  3. Select "Factory data reset".

  4. Before you complete the reset, you will see the "USB memory" option that deletes all your images and music ticked - if you want to keep your image and audio files, tick the option off.

  5. Click on "Reset phone".

  6. Confirm by clicking on "Erase everything".

  7. Wait for the end of the process.

How to reset your phone with an Android OS with a Huawei upgrade

  1. Open your phone settings and got to "All".

  2. Select "Data backup and reset" (it usually appears in the bottom half of the menu). For older versions, open your phone settings and go to "Personal".

  3. If you have not backed up your data, you can do it online through Google – just turn on "Back up my data" – make sure that "Automatic recovery" is also turned on.

  4. Select "Factory data reset".

  5. This will delete your data from the internal memory, including your accounts, system and application settings, as well as installed applications – if you also want to delete your music, videos, images, and more, you should also check the last item "Remove internal storage".

  6. After this, click on "Reset phone".

  7. Finally, confirm again by clcking on "Reset phone"

After going through all the steps, wait for your data to be automatically erased and for the subsequent reset to the factory settings.

The device will enter the "recovery console" mode and perform all the necessary steps. You can start using your phone again once the factory reset is complete. 

If for some reason you are unable to access your phone's settings, try the following process. However, even this process may not work with all devices – individual manufacturers may handle this option differently.

  1. Turn off your mobile phone – if you are unable to turn it off through the main screen, hold the power/keyboard activation button for about 5 – 10 seconds.

  2. Once the device is off, hold the volume up (or down) button, as well as the power button at the same time.

  3. As soon as you feel the vibration like when you turn your phone on, release the power button, but hold the volume button for about 5 - 6 seconds longer - if this combination doesn't work, release both buttons when the logo is dispayed and press the "power button" once. 

  4. A text menu will appear on the display. You can navigate it with the help of the volume buttons. Select the "Recovery console" mode ("Recovery" or "Recovery mode") and confirm by pressing the power button.

  5. Once the sad Android icon appears on the screen, hold the phone's power button and press the volume up button.

  6. The system menu will appear. You can use the volume control buttons to proceed.

  7. Go to "wipe data/factory reset". If the system asks you to confirm the selection, confirm and wait.

  8. Once the reset process steps have been completed, select Reboot to restart the device.

Whichever process you decide to use, you can conveniently restore your data from your Google account or recover it from an external storage  device (from a micro SD card, external HDD, PC etc.).

! In case you lose your phone, you can reset it to the factory settings remotely, or lock it so that if anyone finds it, they won't ne able to access your data.Smartphones with Android

Resetting your phone to the factory settng with a Windows Phone

The Windows Phone is one of the least used operating systems. It is mostly used by NOKIA and Microsoft. If you reset your Windows Phone to the factory setting, everything will be erased. The phone will be  the same as when you first turned it on.

Before you do this, back-up your data and applications to your Microsoft account in the cloud. Our guide will show you how to do it within a few minutes.

How to reset your Windows Phone

  1. Open your phone settings.

  2. Go to "About" (it is at the very bottom).

  3. Select "Reset your phone".

  4. Two notifications will show up – if you are completely sure about resetting your phone, confirm the notifications by selecting "Yes".

If your phone does not react or you are unable to access the phone settings, complete the following process:

  1. Turn off your mobile phone. If you are unable to turn it off through the welcome screen, hold the power/keyboard activation button for about 5 – 10 seconds.

  2. Once device is turned off, hold the volume-down button and the power button at the same time (for approx. 10 – 15 seconds).

  3. As soon as you feel a vibration, release both buttons, then hold the volume-down button until a large exclamation mark shows up. 

  4. Next, press (but do not hold) these buttons in the fiollowing order: volume-up button, volume-down button, power button, volume-down button.

Once all steps are complete, you smartphone will automatically reset to the factory settings.

If you have chosen any of the aforementioned methods, you can restore your backed up data through your Google account or an external storage unit (micro SD card, external HDDPC etc.).

! In case you lose your phone, you can reset it to the factory settings remotely so that no one can access your data.


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