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LiquidNano Steri-Wipe 4 pcs SK

LiquidNano Steri-Wipe 4 pcs SK
LiquidNano Steri-Wipe 4 pcs SK - Wet Wipes
We apologise, but the product is no longer sold
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LiquidNano Steri-Wipe 4 pcs SK Discontinued

LiquidNano Steri-Wipe 4 pcs SK

Pro zbavení se bakterií, virů a plísní na ploše vašeho telefonu se perfektně hodí dezinfekční ubrousky LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE. The napkin with this LiquidNano™ surface treatment technology manages to get rid of harmful microorganisms for up to 10 days, namely thanks to the SiO2 nano-layer of liquid glass, which does not allow unwanted organisms to settle and disposes of them safely. The composition of the napkins is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. LiquidNano dlouhodobé has a long-term disinfection ability verified by ASTM E2180 certification, so it is also suitable for disinfecting medical supplies in accordance with Directive 93/42 / EEC (medical devices). V balení najdete 4 kusy ubrousků LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE, jedná se tedy celkem o 40denní ochranu vašich povrchů.

Klíčové vlastnosti dezinfekčních ubrousků LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE 4 ks

  • Package contains long-term disinfectant wipes, which provide protection against harmful microorganisms for up to 40 days
  • LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE ničí bakterie, plísně i viry
  • It also prevents the spread of e. g. COVID-19 virus and others
  • It forms a protective layer of nano-liquid SiO2 glass
  • Long-term disinfectant designed for hard surfaces, and apart from using it on the surface of a mobile device, you can also use it on glass, metal, plastic, or even silicone or leather
  • The product is environmentally friendly because of its non-toxic composition
  • After each cleaning with the LiquidNano™ STERI-WIPE wipe, the protective layer is strengthened and the antimicrobial effect is further enhanced, which makes it also very easy to clean.
  • You won't see or feel this ultra-thin layer with the naked eye and it doesn't add volume to your device
  • One wipe can protect your phone for up to 10 days
  • LiquidNano™ is a certified product for use in disinfecting medical supplies
  • The package contains 4 pieces of the STERI-WIPE wipes


What are the most contaminated surfaces?

Today, it will probably comes as no surprise that our mobile devices, which we touch many times a day, will be one of the most contaminated surfaces. You can expect up to 20 times more harmful microorganisms on the surface of your phone than, for example. on the toilet seat. Other heavily soiled surfaces include door handles, touchscreens and kitchen counters.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

This virus is a perfect example of how easily and quickly harmful pests can spread. Thus, the surfaces of daily used objects such as mobile phones or shared pens can lead to much bigger problems than inhaling viruses, It is recommended to clean and disinfect these devices twice a day to prevent the unwanted spread of coronavirus. According to scientists, it can stick to a flat surface for up to a week if the surface is not sufficiently disinfected. A protože jsou ubrousky LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE vytvořeny přesně k tomuto účelu likvidace škodlivých mikroorganismů, s jejich použitím si můžete být jisti, že povrch, na který denně saháte, zůstává hygienicky čistý. Níže pak naleznete konkrétní seznam dalších virů, bakterií a plísní, proti kterým jsou dezinfekční ubrousky LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE bezpečně účinné.


LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPECommon disinfection
It kills pathogensYes, upon contactYes, upon contact
It is antibacterialYesYes
Duration of effectUp to 10 daysOnly at the time of disinfection
Prevention against recontaminationYes, až na 10 dníContamination possible immediately after treatment
Long-term disinfectionYesNo

LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE

Harmful microorganisms are destroyed for a long time

Dlouhodobé dezinfekční ubrousky LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE fungují na trochu odlišném principu, než jiné přípravky na trhu. The treated surface is provided with a very thin layer of nano-liquid SiO2 glass with antimicrobial properties. Thanks to this layer, which continuously kills harmful microorganisms, the surface cleaned in this manner is protected for up to 10 days

LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE

Univerzální použití dlouhodobých dezinfekčních ubrousků LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE

S ubrousky LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE můžete bez obav ošetřit celou plochu jakéhokoli mobilního zařízení. The napkins are designed for hard surfaces and in addition to the mobile device itself, you can also use them on glass, metals, plastics, silicone or leather. So feel free to clean your the cases, packaging and covers of your devices.

LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE

It helps to save the environment

Kompletně netoxické složení LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE zajišťuje, že je tento dezinfekční výrobek šetrný k životnímu prostředí.

LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE

It leaves a very smooth surface and ensures it is easy to clean.

Když s ubrouskem LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE vyčistíte svůj mobilní telefon, ultra hladká vrstva zajišťující jeho sterilní povrch se po každé další aplikaci zesiluje a ještě prodlužuje dezinfekční účinek. You will not be able to see or recognise this layer on the display which means no volume has been added to the volume at the same time.

LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE

Dlouhodobé dezinfekční ubrousky LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE

Technologie LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE

Did you know that when using common disinfectants, the surface remains perfectly clean for only a short time? Harmful micro-organisms are only eliminated during application of the product, but once the disinfection has evaporated, the area is infested with the micro-organisms until it is disinfected again. This phenomenon is the so-called hygienic gap when re-infection occurs. S dezinfekční technologií ubrousků LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE se ničeho takového ale obávat nemusíte. This ensures the continuous formation of a long-lasting ultra-thin layer. Biocides are embedded in the resulting porous structure in order to kill microorganisms; this process is called sol-gel and refers to the solid gel phase, which is developed on a liquid basis. Biocides are embedded in this resulting porous structure, which leach out on contact with water, and since harmful microorganisms are always surrounded by a thin layer of water, the biocides reliably ensure their disposal.

LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE

Human hair size, 100 nanometres


The use of nanotechnology takes surface disinfection and their overall treatment to a whole new level. It is a process of matter forming and the structure of it cannot be observed with the naked eye. On all surfaces of solid materials (whether glass, plastic and others) there are seemingly invisible pores, into which, thanks to these state-of-the-art technologies, particles with a size of 1 - 100 nanometers are built. To make this dimension more accurate, approximately 80,000 nanometers fit across the entire width of a human hair.

LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE

The microbe on contact with the disinfected surface

And how exactly do these long-term disinfectant wipes actually work?

Pokud budete používat dlouhodobé dezinfekční ubrousky LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE pravidelně a opakovaně, na ošetřeném povrchu se vytvoří velice tenká vrstva, která spolehlivě zabrání usazování a množení škodlivých mikroorganismů. This layer, unlike conventional disinfectants, is active even after drying and thus constantly destroys all unwanted organisms until the next application of LiquidNano™. To this end, with each subsequent use of these Mobile STERI-WIPE wipes, a layer of easy-to-clean active liquid glass is continuously formed on your cleaned surface, thanks to which this surface is also much easier to clean.


Bakterie, viry a plísně, které dezinfekční ubrousky LiquidNano ™ Mobile STERI-WIPE spolehlivě zlikvidují


• Actinomyces israelii • Actinomyces spp. • Acinetobacter baumannii • Acinetobacter lwoffii • Acinetobacter spp. • Aeromonas spp. • Alcaligenes faecalis • Alcaligenes spp. / Achromobacter spp. • Alcaligenes xylosoxidans (incl. ESBL / MRGN) • Bacteroides fragilis • Bartonella quintana • Bordetella pertussis • Borrelia burgdorferi • Borrelia duttoni • Borrelia recurrentis • Brevundimonas diminuta • Brevundimonas vesicularis • Brucella spp. • Burkholderia cepacia (incl. MDR) • Burkholderia mallei • Burkholderia pseudomallei • Campylobacter jejuni / coli • Chlamydia pneumoniae • Chlamydia psittaci • Chlamydia trachomatis • Citrobacter spp. • Corynebacterium diphteriae • Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis • Corynebacterium spp. • Corynebacterium ulcerans • Coxiella burnetii • Enterobacter aerogenes • Enterobacter cloacae (incl. ESBL/MRGN) • Enterococcus faecalis (incl. VRE) • Enterococcus faecium (incl. VRE) • Enterococcus hirae • Escherichia coli (incl. EHEC, EPEC, ETEC, EIEC, • EC, ESBL/MRGN, DAEC) • Francisella tularensis • Haemophilus influenzae • Helicobacter pylori • Klebsiella granulomatis • Klebsiella oxytoca (incl. ESBL / MRGN) • Klebsiella pneumoniae (incl. MDR, ESBL / MRGN) • Leclercia adecarboxylata • Legionella pneumophila • Leptospira interrogans • Leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides • Listeria monocytogenes • Micrococcus luteus • Morganella spp. • Mycoplasma genitalium • Mycoplasma pneumoniae • Noisseria meningitidis • Noisseria gonorrhoeae • Nocardia asteroides • Orientia tsutsugamushi • Pantoea agglomerans • Paracoccus yeei • Prevotella spp. • Propionibacterium spp. • Proteus mirabilis (incl. ESBL / MRGN) • Proteus vulgaris • Providencia rettgeri • Providencia stuartii • Pseudomonas aeruginosa • Pseudomonas spp. • Ralstonia spp. • Rickettsia prowazekii • Rickettsia typhi • Roseomonas gilardii • Salmonella enteritidis • Salmonella paratyphi • Salmonella spp. • Salmonella typhi • Salmonella typhimurium • Serratia marcescens (incl. ESBL / MRGN) • Shigella sonnei • Sphingomonas spp. • Staphylococcus aureus (incl. MRSA, VRSA) • Staphylococcus capitis • Staphylococcus epidermidis (incl. MRSE) • Staphylococcus haemolyticus • Staphylococcus hominis • Staphylococcus lugdunensis • Staphylococcus pasteuri (incl. MRSA, VRSA) • Staphylococcus saprophyticus • Stenotrophomonas maltophilia • Streptococcus pneumoniae (incl. PRSP) • Streptococcus pyogenes • Streptococcus spp. • Treponema pallidum • Vibrio cholerae • Yersinia enterocolitica • Yersinia pestis • Yersinia pseudotuberculosis

• Adenovirus (Steri-Wipe WB 2.0%) • Andes virus • Arbovirus • Batai virus • Bunyamwera virus • California encephalitis virus • Central European encephalitis (CEE) virus • Chapare virus • Chikungunya virus • Coronavirus (incl. SARS- and MERS-CoV) • Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus (CCHVF) • Cytomegalo virus (CMV) • Dengue virus • Dobrava-Belgrade virus • Duvenhage virus • Eastern equine encephalitis virus • Ebola virus • Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) • Everglades virus • Guanarito virus • Hantavirus • Hantaan virus • Hendra virus • Hepatitis B virus (HBV) • Hepatitis C virus (HCV) • Hepatitis D virus • Herpes simplex virus (HSV) • Human coronavirus 229E • Human coronavirus OC43 • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) • Human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) • Human herpesvirus 7 (HHV-7) • Human herpesvirus 8 (HHV-8) • Human Metapneumovirus • Human Papillomaviruses (HPV) • Human T-lymphotropic virus • Influenza virus A (E. g. H1N1, H3N2, H5N1) and B • Japanese encephalitis virus • Junin virus • Kyasanur Forest disease virus • Lassa virus • Louping ill virus • Lujo virus • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) • Machupo virus • Marburg virus • Mayaro virus • Measles virus • MERS Coronavirus • Molluscipoxvirus / Molluscum contagiosum virus • Mokola virus • Mumps virus • Nipah virus • Norovirus • O´nyong-nyong virus • Oropouche virus • Parainfluenza virus • Powassan virus • Puumala virus • Rabies virus • Rift Valley fever virus • Respiratory syncytial virus • Ross River virus • Rotavirus • Rubella virus • Russian spring-summer encephalitis (RSSE) virus • Sabia virus • Sandfly fever virus (e. g. Tuscany virus) • SARS coronavirus • Semliki Forest virus • Seoul virus • Sindbis virus • Sin Nombre virus • St. Louis encephalitis virus • Tacaribe virus • Tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) • Torovirus • Usutu virus • Vaccinia virus • Variola virus • Varicella-zoster virus • Vesicular stomatitis virus • West Nile virus • Yellow fever virus • Zika virus

• Candida albicans • Candida auris • Candida famata • Candida glabrata • Candida guilliermondii • Candida krusei • Candida parapsilosis • Candida stellatoidea • Candida tropicalis • Cryptococcus albidus • Cryptococcus gattii • Cryptococcus laurentii • Cryptococcus neoformans • Epidermophyton floccosum • Microsporum audouinii • Microsporum canis • Microsporum cookei • Microsporum distortum • Microsporum ferrugineum • Microsporum fulvum • Microsporum gypseum • Microsporum langeronii • Microsporum nanum • Microsporum persicolour • Microsporum racemosum • Microsporum rivalieri • Microsporum vanbreuseghemii • Trichophyton concentricum • Trichophyton equinum • Trichophyton erinacei • Trichophyton gourvilii • Trichophyton interdigitale (formerly Trichophyton mentagrophytes) • Trichophyton megninii • Trichophyton quinckeanum • Trichophyton rubrum • Trichophyton schoenleinii • Trichophyton simii • Trichophyton soudanese • Trichophyton tonsurans • Trichophyton verrucosum • Trichophyton violaceum • Trichophyton vanbreuseghemii • Trichophyton yaoundei

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