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Mobile Phones


Mobile phones are used every day and have become invaluable sources of information and entertainment. Do you want a classic phone with buttons or a smartphone? What should I consider when choosing a new mobile? We'll advise you.


How to choose a mobile phone?

  1. A smartphone lets you install applications, conveniently browse the web, play games, access multimedia, and so on.
  2. A classic mobile phone is used for calling and texting and has a long battery life. They are also suitable as a phone for seniors.
  3. A rugged phone is highly resistant to impact, dust and water. There are versions with or without OS.

Smartphones According to Their Operating System

The most common operating systems for smartphones are Android and Apple iOS. Each system has its fans and critics but we will try to highlight their main advantages and disadvantages:

The Universal Android

Android-powered mobile phones are manufactured by dozens of manufacturers, from the most well-known to the less-known brands. It also ranges an extensive selection of cheap phones and luxury models.

  • A great selection of Android phones.
  • The OS can be customised by both the manufacturer and the user.
  • Wide selection of free apps.
  • Worse optimisation.
  • Lower availability of updates.
  • Cheap Android phones do not always run smoothly.

Apple iPhones with iOS

Apple iPhones with iOS are manufactured only by the Apple company. It produces both hardware and software - iOS and its accompanying applications. This makes the iPhone perfectly optimised and it makes it one of the highest-quality products on the market.

  • Perfect optimisation.
  • Varied Apple ecosystem - iOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS.
  • High performance, precise design and a high-quality camera.
  • Higher price.
  • Closed platform.
  • Fewer models to choose from.


Android mobile phones usually support microSD cards to extend their storage capacity. When choosing a card, take care to choose the correct type and performance class. Apple iPhones do not support memory cards, so it's important to pay more attention to choosing storage size.

How to Choose a Mobile Phone?

Consider a suitable display size 

Choose the size of the display according to if you want to control your phone with one hand or you need a large display.

  • Less than 4.5" - a very compact small cell suitable for low-end users.
  • 4.5" to 5.5" - the mobile phone fits into your pocket, you can use it with one hand and it is ideal for the internet, games or watching videos.
  • 5.5" and more - the best choice for games, movies and work - it's a compromise between a mobile and a tablet, but it might not fit into your pocket anymore, and it's not very convenient for frequent calls.


In addition to the size, the display resolution is also important. For a full movie, video and game experience, we recommend the minimal HD resolution (1280 × 720). Or better yet, Full HD or higher resolution.

Internet for Mobile Phones - Fast 4G data and WiFi

For the fastest mobile data, there is 4G or LTE technology. It covers most of the population and is much faster than the 3G network. Most smartphones support WiFi connectivity including an incredibly fast 5GHz 802.11ac standard.

LTE Internet uses different frequencies. Before buying a mobile phone, check if it supports frequencies that your operator uses.

How much memory do mobile phones require?

RAM size is key for the smooth running of smartphones. More storage is suitable for multitasking (more simultaneously running applications) and more challenging games.

  • 1.5GB RAM or less - for basic use only, it is sufficient for a few simple applications.
  • 2GB RAM - common for mid-range mobile phones, suitable for multimedia, the Internet and work.
  • 3GB of RAM and more - does not lag even during the most demanding operations, playing new games and multitasking.

Choosing the optimal size of phone storage

The optimal size of your mobile phone storage varies depending on whether you have a lot of photos, videos, music, apps, or games stored on your phone. If you have a cloud storage or a memory card, you will need less phone storage.

  1. 16GB or less - for non-demanding users. The storage can fit common applications, a few games, e-books, photos, and some music.
  2. 32 to 64GB - Suitable for most users, can hold plenty of applications, games and multimedia including HD movies.
  3. 128GB or more - Dozens of applications, games and multimedia can be installed in the highest quality. For demanding users.


The phone memory is up to a few GB lower than the total memory accounting for the size of OS and system files.

Do you want a single SIM card or dual SIM cards?

If you need to operate a voice and data SIM card at the same time, it is worth buying a dual SIM phone. This is useful even if you can not do without a large amount of data when abroad - it is often better to buy a prepaid SIM card.

Mobile phones and camera phones - what to look for in the camera?

Take quality pictures with a 12MP camera or better. For front selfie cameras you will need 5MP. Maximum aperture and image stabilisation are also important.

  1. The maximum aperture (f) indicates the maximum amount of light that the lens lets in. The lower the value, the better the pictures taken by your phone.
  2. Optical image stabilisation - Allows you to capture images without blurring even when you are moving. This is done via optics or by moving lens elements.
  3. Software image stabilisation - This is not about image stabilisation in the true sense but about the ISO sensitivity. Mobile phones take sharper photos with it, but it's not as effective as optical stabilisation.
  4. Focus - Camera phones accelerate focusing with laser or phase detection autofocus (PDAF). The best devices use a combination of both methods. For iPhone, the PDAF variation is called Focus Pixels.
  5. Dual Camera - Can accelerate focusing, increase brightness, adjust the depth of field, and change the focus area until image capture.

Get the best pictures with a camera phone. They have high-resolution images and advanced image capture technology.

Battery Capacity for Mobile Phones

Capacity is measured in mAh. A common mobile phone has a battery capacity of around 2500mAh. Most mobile phones will last for about one to two days of normal use. A battery with a capacity greater than 4000mAh is above standard.


However, the battery life is not determined by the capacity alone. It is affected by the energy demands of hardware (especially displays), OS optimisation, and the age of the phone.

What other useful features can a mobile phone have?

  • fingerprint reader is used to unlock a mobile phone or to access selected applications.
  • Quick charging allows you to charge the phone much faster.
  • USB OTG lets you connect a flash drive with your data.
  • A notification LED alerts you to received messages, calls, and application information.
  • Stereo speakers offer better sound than a single speaker.
  • A VR Ready phone is ready for virtual reality.
  • NFC technology is used for wireless communication with other devices.

Landlines and Company Phones

In addition to our mobile phones, we also offer landlines, whether classic or wireless and company phones. They are divided into classic and touchscreen phones. However, company phones require, for example, higher security, backup, or remote management.

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Mobile Phones

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Mobile Phones

Before buying a mobile phone, it’s important to know what type of phone you require. Do you want a simple device for making calls and writing short text messages or a powerful machine with a touch-screen display, a high-end camera, fingerprint scanner, Internet connection and wireless charging? You’ll find the former in basic mobile phones and the latter in the smartphones section.


Smartphones are basically pocket computers with the ability to make phone calls. Individual models vary greatly, so you can choose from budget-friendly options as well as powerful pocket machines. These days even cheaper smartphones feature a touch screen, a built-in camera, and can handle simple games, video and music playback, and social networking.

In contrast, more demanding users will reach for high-end smartphones featuring a high-quality 5-inch (and higher) display, an 8-Core processor, a fingerprint scanner, and an advanced camera, all of which makes it a perfect device for watching movies, browsing the Internet, playing demanding games, or using the built-in GPS navigation.

All smartphones run an operating system of some kind. The most widespread operating systems include Google’s Android, which provides a wide range of apps on Google Play; Apple’s polished iOS, which is featured on all iPhones; and Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, which features an intuitive tile interface and Windows Store with plenty of useful apps. All of the above are popular choices and allow you to personalise your device for the best user experience.

Despite their many advantages, smartphones often have lower battery life compared with more basic phones, with one charge providing only 1-3 days of operation.

Basic mobile phones

Basic mobile phones have some undisputed qualities and for some users they’re a more suitable fit than smartphones. The battery life is much longer, so you don’t need to charge it every night, and the simple-to-use design with push buttons ensures straightforward operation.

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