Projectors are used to display images from a computer or external storage on the wall or a projection screen. The projector is usually part of the equipment of most meeting rooms, many movie rooms, home cinemas and living rooms. How to choose a projector? Read more to find advice on what to look for.


What Are the Benefits of a Projector?

Projectors bring a number of advantages that make them useful in both the professional and private sectors. Take a look at the most important advantages that office and home projectors provide.

  • A projector allows you to project images on projector screens that are unmatched in size by any television.
  • Modern projectors also boast fine resolution (you can choose from Full HD projectors to 4K projectors), which guarantees sharp visuals.
  • It is a portable device that can be mounted on the ceiling or simply placed on a table.
  • Models labelled as mini projectors, also known as portable projectors, in particular, encourage you to bring them to your cottage or your friends' flat.
  • The advantage of projectors is also their wide connectivity - HDMI, USB, VGA, DisplayPort, nothing is missing.
This high-quality projector can handle presentations, photo albums, home videos, as well as movies and graphically demanding games.

Projectors and Their Key Parameters

Whether you are choosing a home, office, movie or mini projector (portable projector), you should focus on the following important features and parameters.

What Resolution Should Your Projector Offer?

Choose the projector resolution according to the distance and size of the screen, as well as the type of content being displayed. In general, higher resolution projectors are more useful for projecting movies or small graphics onto large projector screens.

  • An HD Ready Projector is suitable for projecting graphically simpler content on smaller projector screens.
  • Full HD projectors are among the most popular projectors ever. They offer a high-quality image with sharp details.
  • A 4K projector will be appreciated by demanding film enthusiasts who seek dynamic images of the highest quality.

Projector - Minimum and Maximum Projection Distance

Minimum and maximum projection distances indicate the ideal distance between the projector and the projector screen at which the projector performs best in terms of image quality. As the distance between the projector and the screen increases, the size of the projected image increases.

Projection distance 2 m 3 m 4 m 5 m
Diagonal 1.1-1.6 m 1.6-2.4 m 2-3.2 m 2.5-4 m

Projector and Luminosity

Luminosity indicates how bright the image that the projector produces is. Higher lumens (lm) values ensure that the projected image is legible even in very bright environments. We offer projectors with lumens ranging from a few hundred to several thousand lumens.

Projector – Projection Technology

Choose an outdoor projector, office projector or home projector based on the technology it uses to project images. DLP and LCD technologies are among the most widely used.

  • DLP projectors offer excellent contrast and shadow details. Their downside is that rainbow effects can appear behind fast-moving objects on the projector screen.
  • LCD projectors stand out in terms of their quality of colour reproduction. They do not suffer from rainbow effects and tend to be quieter. However, they have slightly poorer black reproduction and are more maintenance intensive.

Projector – Light Source

Projection technologies are closely related to the light source used in the projector.

  • LED projectors are generally smaller and score with their low consumption and noise levels. The disadvantage is lower luminous intensity.
  • Laser projectors use a blue laser as a light source to display more colours.


Lamp projectors using a halogen lamp as a light source are also popular among projector users. They require a larger projector design and have a higher power consumption than LED.

Mini Projectors, Portable Projectors – Home Cinema in Your Pocket

Mini projectors, also known as portable projectors, are very compact options for your computer, laptop or phone. Don't let the tiny design fool you - a mini data projector is not a toy. It's perfect for any party, game night or team meeting.

Home Cinema Projectors

Home cinema projectors bring the best for movie and TV lovers. The emphasis here is on superior picture quality, which is crucial for a full movie experience. High resolution (look for up to 4K projectors), premium luminance and superior colour rendering are therefore a matter of course.

Films are shot in a widescreen format, so choose a projector with a 16:9 or 21:9 aspect ratio.

Office Projector

Office projectors are usually used in meetings, conferences and rooms where data needs to be presented on a large projector screen for all attendees to see. A data projector, as this type of projector, is also called, needs to be easy to use and reliable first and foremost.


Although a data projector is most often associated with displaying spreadsheets and other statics, that doesn't mean it can't handle promotional or instructional videos.

3D film projector
3D projectors add another dimension to screening, literally. Get ready for a unique three-dimensional spectacle with maximum image quality that will immerse you.

When Do Android Projectors Come in Handy?

Android projectors are equipped with a feature-packed operating system that includes apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime and many more. Don't have an external drive, a laptop, or a phone which contains your favourite movies? That's not a problem anymore with an Android projector.

Looking for a projector for a small room? Take a look at short throw projectors.

Interaktive data projector
Interactive projectors allow you to interfere with the projected image without modifying it on the computer. It uses a special electronic pen to draw or write notes on the image.


Visualisers can capture the graphic background in digital form and transfer it to a computer or projector screen. A visualizer is a great tool for lectures or presentations.


Still Can't Decide? Try Choosing by Projector Resolution

Is the resolution of the projector the most important indicator for you? Have a look at home, office and outdoor projectors in our Projectors Sorted by Resolution category.

Which Projector Screen to Choose?

Projector screens are an essential addition to any projector to achieve high-quality and sharp images. They are available in many different designs - will you choose an electric, pull-down, tripod, green screen one or perhaps one with projection coating?

Projection screen

Additional Projector Features

What other useful functions and features can projectors offer?

  • A remote control allows convenient remote operation and setup of the projector.
  • Built-in speakers will be especially appreciated by those who plan to watch movies and videos.
  • WiFi connection allows you to wirelessly view presentations, movies and videos from your computer.
  • PiP (Picture in Picture) feature allows you to project two different presentations or videos at the same time.
  • Use USB to easily connect the projector to a PC, laptop, external drive or even a flash drive.

Choose the Right Projector Accessories

Our projector accessories category is a comprehensive collection of everything you need for a comfortable presentation in front of colleagues and a smooth home cinema projector experience.

  • Presenters serve as wireless projector controllers and laser pointers.
  • 3D glasses are indispensable for projecting three-dimensional images.
  • Ceiling projector and wall projector mounts keep your projector in the required position.
  • Replacement lamps come in handy if your projector and its projection quality are affected by the ravages of time.
  • Video cables are a key accessory used to connect PCs, laptops, mobile phones and other resources.
  • Projector bags are designed for convenient and safe carrying.
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12 Results
Aopen QF12
Projector LCD LED, Full HD, native resolution 1920 × 1080, 16:9, brightness 100 ANSI lm, contrast 1000:1, HDMI 1,4, HDMI 2,0, USB-C, WiFi, speakers

In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: WX378p6i
Epson EB-L200SX
Projector LCD laser, XGA, native resolution 1024 × 768, 4:3, brightness 3600 ANSI lm, contrast 2500000:1, HDMI 1,4, VGA, Composite, LAN, WiFi, speakers

In stock 3 pcs
Order Code: WX247a03b
Epson EB-L200SW
Projector LCD laser, WXGA, native resolution 1280 × 800, 16:10, brightness 3800 ANSI lm, contrast 2500000:1, HDMI 1,4, VGA, Composite, LAN, WiFi, speakers

In stock 2 pcs
Order Code: WX247a03a
Epson EB-L200F
Projector LCD laser, Full HD, native resolution 1920 × 1080, 16:9, brightness 4500 ANSI lm, contrast 2500000:1, HDMI 1,4, HDMI 2,0, VGA, Composite, LAN, WiFi, speakers

In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: WX247a03
Epson EB-FH52
Projector LCD lamp, Full HD, native resolution 1920 × 1080, 16:9, brightness 4000 ANSI lm, contrast 16000:1, HDMI 1,4, VGA, Composite, WiFi, speakers

In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: WX247a01
Aopen PV12 Green
Projector LED, FWVGA, native resolution 854 × 480, 16:9, contrast 5000:1, HDMI 2,0, speakers

In stock 4 pcs
Order Code: WX378p6f
Acer PL6510 LASER, FHD
Projector DLP laser, Full HD, native resolution 1920 × 1080, 16:9, 3D, brightness 5500 ANSI lm, contrast 2000000:1, HDMI 1,4, VGA, Component, Composite, S-Video, LAN, speakers

Ordered on request within 21 days
Order Code: WX378p2n
Mini Projector Salange P62
Projector LCD LED, HD Ready, native resolution 1280 × 720, 16:9, WiFi, speakers

Not available
Order Code: BLApro01
AOpen AH15
Projector DLP LED, HD Ready, native resolution 1280 × 720, 16:9, brightness 150 ANSI lm, contrast 10000:1, HDMI 1,4, USB-C, Bluetooth, WiFi, speakers

Ordered on request within 14 days
Order Code: WX378p6b
Acer ApexVision L811
Projector laser, 4K, native resolution 3840 × 2160, 16:9, brightness 3000 ANSI lm, contrast 2000000:1, speakers

Price has not been set
Highly Anticipating
Order Code: WX378p5e
Acer Predator GM712
Projector lamp, 4K, native resolution 3840 × 2160, 16:9, brightness 3600 ANSI lm, HDMI 2,0, WiFi, speakers

Price has not been set
Highly Anticipating
Order Code: WX378p8b
Acer Predator GD711
Projector LED, 4K, native resolution 3840 × 2160, 16:9, brightness 4000 ANSI lm, HDMI 2,0

Price has not been set
Highly Anticipating
Order Code: WX378p8a


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Do you want a projector for watching movies and playing games or for presenting in a conference room? What...


Projectors are excellent presentation tools as well as perfect home cinema devices. They can be easily connected to DVD players and computers, so you can sit back, munch popcorn, and enjoy great cinematic experiences in the comfort of your own home.

Projectors typically have many input signal options, featuring composite, S-Video, VGA or HDMI. You can project on plain white walls, but to get the best performance, choose from the range of professional projection screens available. Depending on the way in which they process the internal video signal, projectors are either LCD or DLP. Although these technologies are different, and LCD projectors used to be considered better for projecting data from computers while DLP models were ideal for screening films, today both technologies are practically equivalent.

LCD Projectors
The light source in LCD projectors passes through three primary colour filters. Each then passes into one of three LCD panels through a permeable layer. Finally, all three colours are combined again and projected through an optical device onto a screen, where they are displayed as a complete picture. These devices are both lightweight and easy to maintain.

DLP Projectors
DLP projectors work with DMD chips and use a large number of microscopic mirrors, with each mirror representing one pixel. The image is again broken down into the three primary colours (red, blue, green) and then passes through the micro mirrors and lens before being projected onto a screen.

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