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The time-tested Full HD resolution has served us well for a number of years and will continue to do so for a long time – though not as much as it used to. It is slowly but surely being replaced by QHD and UHD (4K) resolutions, which provide fundamentally better image quality. But resolution alone isn't everything and there's more to a quality monitor than the number of pixels. This is what Samsung, one of the leading and most famous display manufacturers, prides itself on. In this article, we're going to take a closer look at what makes Samsung monitors some of the best on the market.

UHD a QHD Samsung monitors - QLED

Samsung QHD and UHD Monitors: More Than Just Resolution - CONTENTS

  1. UHD and QHD resolution: Pixel Size Matters
  2. Samsung QLED: High-End TV Picture
  3. Curved Monitors Save Your Eyesight
  4. Samsung Monitors Are Always Nice to Look At, Even When They're Off
  5. Samsung Delivers Innovation in Every Field

UHD and QHD resolution: Pixel Size Matters

Full HD used to be the go-to resolution standard for any display imaginable and it's still quite common today for a good reason - it's great for small or fast monitors, where it shines due to its technological simplicity, low power consumption, and affordable price. But then we also have monitors from a very different league, designed for high-quality multimedia content, graphic design, and virtually any other productive activity you can imagine.

UHD a QHD Samsung monitors - rozlišení
Both UHD and QHD resolutions give Samsung monitors their impeccably sharp and detailed image rendering quality.

With these monitors, image sharpness is one of the fundamental criteria for their practical usability. When used for work, QHD and UHD resolutions provide a finer image and therefore a higher level of detail and a larger virtual desktop. Graphic design software is a prime example, but high resolutions can come in handy even in relatively common office and home activities.

Samsung's UHD and QHD monitors feature a wide range of advanced connectors. They include the obligatory HDMI or DisplayPort, but some of them also have USB-C that essentially turns the monitor into a docking station and allows image transfer from other devices that aren't just your PC.

Users of high-resolution monitors can benefit from this high-detail picture quality in several ways. Graphic designers will appreciate the ability to make more precise graphic adjustments as well as more virtual image space for various toolbars. But you don't have to be a pro to see the benefits. High resolution means more cells in Excel spreadsheets, more visible Word pages when typing, and even fonts will be more detailed and therefore easier to read. And we can't forget coders and programmers, for whom a more comfortable browsing experience can be a revelation when it comes to work efficiency.


A 4K monitor for office work? 
You may think a 4K monitor for office work in an overkill, but you couldn't be more wrong. Thanks to its large workspace, a 4K monitor allows you to work efficiently in multiple windows at once. You can keep your email, web browser, and even Word all open simultaneously, which is a real productivity boost.

UHD a QHD Samsung monitors - přehled rozlišení
The resolution overview shows, among other things, that UHD (4K) resolution is four times more detailed than Full HD.

Finally, there are movie fans and gamers. They too will make the most of the level of detail that QHD and UHD monitors offer. For movies, the bonus is "limited" to higher image quality, but for games it brings significant benefits in competitive modes. Because all objects in the game are composed of more pixels on a UHD/QHD monitor, visual feedback is more accurate, which has a positive impact on aiming accuracy. For the same reason, smaller objects in the distance will be rendered more clearly, which can also provide a tactical advantage.

i QHD (Quad HD or sometimes WQHD) refers to a resolution of 2,560 × 1,440 pixels and has 1.7 times more pixels compared to Full HD. We refer to 34" monitors with a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 as Ultra WQHD, or ultra-wide QHD monitors.

While resolution is important when choosing a monitor, it must always be proportional to the diagonal of the display, which directly affects the resulting image output. For traditional Full HD, the cut-off is 24", sometimes even 27", depending on the type of use. Players of specific games (e.g. Counter-Strike) may not mind the lower resolution and large pixels, but in productive use, the contrast between a large display and a relatively low pixel count can have its disadvantages. The biggest is that you can see individual pixels even at a normal viewing distance, which can in extreme cases lead to eye strain or headaches, for example when reading long texts.

UHD a QHD Samsung monitors - přehled rozlišení
4K monitors not only have a higher resolution, but usually also a larger display size.

Samsung QLED: High-End TV Picture

But high resolution isn't everything, and depending on what it's designed for, a good monitor must also have other features. The most important ones are brightness and colour rendering. Some Samsung monitors feature Quantum Dot technology, which significantly affects and enhances these characteristics. It's based on LED technology (hence QLED), supplemented by a quantum dot system. These have better optical properties than conventional LED monitors and this is reflected in the image quality.

UHD a QHD Samsung monitors - přizpůsobitelnost
With Samsung monitors, you usually have at least some positioning options.

The key optical feature of QLED monitors is a much wider colour spectrum coverage, reaching 125% in sRGB. This is great news for everyone, as gamers and consumers of multimedia content can enjoy more vibrant colours, while professionals will appreciate more colour depth and accuracy. And by more vibrant colour we literally mean all colours, black and white included. What's more, the maximum brightness of the monitor can reach levels not seen elsewhere, and the monitors also impress with their great contrast.

Curved Monitors Save Your Eyesight

Samsung's range of monitors includes curved models. At large sizes - as UHD and QHD monitors tend to be - this curvature has a number of advantages for the user. The first of these is the beautifully clean image with no visual defects.

Prohnutí monitoru Samsung
Curved monitors aim to mimic the natural field of view of human eyes.

Even with the best panels, the display characteristics vary slightly depending on the angle from which the display is viewed. For monitors with a large diagonal, this can mean that the far edges and corners are at an angle with your field of vision, creating darker areas or warping their colour rendering. The monitor's curvature prevents this by keeping the entire monitor surface at approximately the same distance from your eyes, so even a large monitor retains its display characteristics without any defects.

Our eyesight also benefits from this little trick. As with the colour rendering, it's the edges of the screen where we have a problem. As the distance of the monitor from the eyes changes at different points, we have to refocus, which strains and even hurts our eyes. The display curvature eliminates this need to refocus and considerably relieves your tired eyes.

Samsung Monitors Are Always Nice to Look At, Even When They're Off

While good display performance is absolutely the main priority, some manufacturers believe that a monitor should also look good in terms of design. And Samsung follows this philosophy when designing and manufacturing its products. For this reason, Samsung displays are always a joy to look at - even when they are turned off.

Prohnutí monitoru Samsung
It's not just the monitors that are known for their refined design. All Samsung products are beautiful.

Samsung monitors honour minimalist design, which is reflected in the thin bezels and the absence of any tasteless decorative additions. All Samsung monitors, QHD and UHD in particular, are made with premium materials and boast exceptional build quality. The result is a high-end monitor that also functions as a design element for any office or private room.

Let's not forget the ergonomics and adaptability, either. The vast majority of Samsung UHD and QHD monitors are positionally adjustable (height, tilt, swivel and pivot), offering plenty of flexibility to suit every user's needs.

Samsung Delivers Innovation in Every Field

Samsung places emphasis on ergonomics, image quality, and interesting design, but its monitors are also practical. In this respect, the 27" Samsung S27R750 is particularly curious. In addition to the clean and simple design, the monitor can also be mounted to the edge of the table, which saves further workspace. Extra space can also gained by pushing the monitor flush against the wall when needed; you can return it to its standard position just as easily later. To put it in numbers: You'll increase your workspace by 40%, while reducing unusable space by a full 94%. You'll also make better use of the screen area itself thanks to the 2,560 x 1,440 WQHD resolution, which has 1.7 times the pixel density of regular Full HD. So you can fit more on your monitor. View more documents or web pages at once without having to scroll.

Samsung Space Monitor

No less interesting is the 32" Samsung S32R750 with a 32-inch diagonal and UHD resolution, which in practice means four times higher pixel density compared to Full HD resolution. You will appreciate this monitor when watching multimedia, playing games and also working. You can look forward to a vivid picture with up to one billion colours. The Samsung UHD monitor gives you more space for work and play, and thanks to AMD FreeSync, the picture will be smooth and free of image tearing.

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When buying an electronic device, few things have as much weight as the manufacturer's reputation. Consider choosing one of Samsung's UHD (4K) or QHD monitors, whose excellent imaging characteristics and overall build quality have repeatedly proven that this manufacturer ranks at the very top of today's leaders in technology.


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