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Review WD Red 6TB

WD Red 6TB

Hard Drive - 3.5" SATA III, 64MB cache, IntelliPower, NASware, suitable for NAS (24/7)

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User Reviews

Jiri Frank - SABS s.r.o. 23/04/2015
Translated by Google Translate

Rate NASovy HDD after 14 days is really very objective. Disk ran, rebuilt RAID 1 - Synology 213+ seamlessly Experience with version 2T was positive, RED RED is just 36 degrees at full load during a raid rebuild is really nice value. HDD pack is factory rather symbolic - antistatic bag and desiccant (for HDD for about six tons, it is rather funny) A constantly increasing price.
Firm, Praha 3 - Vinohrady 03/05/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Based on reviews DS213j NAS purchased a 2pc WD 4000 megabytes WD40EFRX-68WT0N0, ie. i series that has passed compatibility test at DS213j. The first disk will not nenadetekoval and only "ticked" (headers searched but found nothing), so now you claim. The second drive lasted about one day and then retired to silicon heaven. The second complaint. Replaced drives still holds, but the question is how long it will last? Is it possible to rely on them ?? The worst part is that they leave very quickly, so SMART hardly enough to report problems, and disk and data are gone. Literally scared me the fact that the discs were gone shortly after another ...
very quiet low power consumption very high failure rate, which for the disks for data backup is not a good trait
Miroslav, zahorska bystrica 27/10/2013
Translated by Google Translate

I have two of them arranged in Synology DiskStation DS213j and function yet super ...
Customer 01/12/2014
Translated by Google Translate

It works, ask me in a few years.
Perfect storage space. It's a bit expensive toy.
Miroslav, Čelákovice 06/10/2014
Translated by Google Translate

As soon as they were given, we bought a total of 8 pieces, they all work fine now three months, it is the only affordable 6TB disk.
price (CZK 1 per GB without VAT) capacity consumption backward compatibility reliability rate (further demonstrate time) Despite great ratio capacity / price could be cheaper
Firm, Praha 5 - Košíře 19/05/2014
Translated by Google Translate

I have four of these discs gradually bought within one year. Continuously towers on the server and no single problem. But on another server running my WD Green continuously for four years and is still being held. It is debatable as much brand WD Red / Green / Purple etc ... marketing tool ...
reliability rate moot price differential compared with other editions
Martin, Sezimovo Ústí 16/11/2013
Translated by Google Translate

Very quiet Low heat Price :-)
Pavel, Mnichovice 07/10/2013
Translated by Google Translate

fast disk special functions (NAS and RAID involved) Sufficient capacity price
Petr, Praha 4 11/11/2014
Translated by Google Translate

capacity, speed price
Firm, Dobřichovice 21/08/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Unfortunately, I came to a faulty disk ... It was my error 38 ... it can happen :-) Holešovice me while you wait exchanged. The disc is very great, yet I am filled with 1/4.
Large capacity price
Customer 23/12/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Large capacity, price / performance, past experience with hard drives VW
Bořek, Praha 10/12/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Three of these roly-poly, I bought into the comp and it's awesome store, recommend. ASRock P67 Pro, one Tero system and tera six times to date, plus two mechanics does no mistake. I do not ask for one, two years.
Customer, Bratislava 23/10/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Super quality
Firm, Praha 21 07/01/2014
Translated by Google Translate

36-month warranty ideal NAS into a low power consumption
Pavel, Praha 5 26/11/2013
Translated by Google Translate

Very quiet Sufficient capacity
Josef 25/11/2013
Translated by Google Translate

Works suprově nothing
Customer 05/11/2013
Translated by Google Translate

Backupovy drive, perfect for NAS
Tichy, large capacity
Petr, Praha 4 20/11/2014
Translated by Google Translate

capacity, speed, quietness price
Customer 13/05/2015
Translated by Google Translate

Martin, Most 07/05/2015
Translated by Google Translate

Size speed read / write Price
Tomáš, Poděbrady 29/04/2015
Translated by Google Translate

After three years of continuous operation ten pieces exhibit a mistake - but two claimed for a couple of bad sectors -kus apiece without complaining :)
Michal, Pardubice 10/04/2015
Translated by Google Translate

relatively good capacity for a very reasonable price nothing
Luboš, Ústí nad Labem 07/04/2015
Translated by Google Translate

Large capacity. A little louder when writing.
Róbert 18/03/2015
Translated by Google Translate

Price Tichy operation works great Nothing
Petr, Ostrava 10/03/2015
Translated by Google Translate

Silent Drive, business services Alza without problems and reliable
Josef, Praha 6 10/03/2015
Translated by Google Translate

rapid enrollment and configuration NAS So far seems tichy I know of no - at least for now
Andrej, Praha 4 - Podolí 24/02/2015
Translated by Google Translate

Lukáš, Jesenice u Prahy 05/02/2015
Translated by Google Translate

:-) Lot of space. So far the system and hopefully will last a long time :-).
Lukáš, Jesenice u Prahy 05/02/2015
Translated by Google Translate

:-) Lot of space. So far the system and hopefully will last a long time :-).
Tomáš, Jihlava 02/01/2015
Translated by Google Translate

to use Western Digital My Cloud EX2
Andrej, Púchov 14/12/2014
Translated by Google Translate

I have them in the Sanko raide No problem, I noticed a half a year
Firm, Nitra 27/11/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Capacity ... price ... overdriving the disk is longer, but what if a man wanted to, when the storage is employed as
FisherMan 10/10/2014
Translated by Google Translate

I bought a 2p to NAS-214Play. After several negative recenziách stamina to drive as I was dočítal, I should fear them to purchase. But I must say that I am happy with them unduly. Turkey has already been through a year without prestania. They experienced a hard reset on the výpadkoch electricity, but the rage is still no problem. One kjediný time after the fall of Electricity is spamätať súbory- not know about corrupted FAT header. I have seen the files, but when I wanted to open them, reported unknown file format. I dropped in Nasko some repair files as there is a whole was repaired. But this was an exceptional situation. If I claimed that their wishes počuť- deceived her I would. But indeed they have a very quiet operation-heard only faint rustle. I have it at home under the TV after a site is inactive noise at all intrusive. I see that even after a year, the price of a quality nezmenila- holds about price. Odporúčam
The speed of large capacities extremely quiet Failsafe (24/7) to reliably sign after a year of using a regimen of 24 * 7 im I have nothing to dislocate
Miroslav, Pata 04/09/2014
Translated by Google Translate

I have their (2pc) for about a year and I do not Nasko Synologyc214Play problems with them. Zapichol and since then I have their SLAP without any problems. In Nasko they are tiché- I have them in the lounge with the TV and not hear or they are driven (even with switched-off TV). Fast After necelom since they do not have objections
Michal, Ostrava 21/08/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Quiet Vibration
Valdemar, Hradec Králové 22/06/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Big high-quality disk a bit expensive
Customer 09/05/2014
Translated by Google Translate

satisfaction with purchases
Large capacity, is not heating, quick, good price
Customer 29/04/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Discs act as they should, for ordinary users fully sufficient.
Discs act as they should Just the price
Customer 19/04/2014
Translated by Google Translate

It works as intended.
Firm, Třebíč 14/04/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Quiet, fast
Firm, Praha 7 10/04/2014
Translated by Google Translate

speed reliability
Michal, Jakubovany 20/03/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Speed ??write / read and 180 MB / s Massive capacity Quiet Yet no
Tomáš, Prievidza 11/03/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Classic is not what I buy only ine resolve this brand and it's great at all it is not heard in the server the nom SEDIM few hours Always Cost could be lower :)
Firm, Praha 6 10/03/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Simple installation in a server Synology. More like a normal user do not distinguish. In continuous operation in office runs at a temperature of 28-32 degrees. I dont
Firm, Bratislava 26/02/2014
Translated by Google Translate

quality discs to NAS consumption price :)
Robert, Praha 8 - Libeň 06/02/2014
Translated by Google Translate

endurance during the 24-hour operation
Firm, Brno 06/02/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Very quiet operation
Customer, Praha 6, Repy 21/01/2014
Translated by Google Translate

So far ok
Marián, Ostrava 30/12/2013
Translated by Google Translate

It works as intended
Petr 08/05/2015
Translated by Google Translate

So I enjoyed it about 8 hours. After a week, when I returned home, after the computer has been answered. I tell him to complain, so I wonder how it will be. But I want the same type. Noise is minimal. Copying. For me, as a user, he appeared to be fast. I bought it because of the capacity and length of life of
Silent Capacity I hope that I have bought a faulty piece of production
Bořek, Praha 16/04/2015
Translated by Google Translate

It's really great to be there all fits just fine. The previous ones I bought cheaply.
Adam, Bratislava 07/02/2015
Translated by Google Translate

The disc is good. Of the two discs I had a faulty one, and subsequently exchanged for good. Faulty disk be felt at the outset with a greater number of defective sectors and Raw_Read_Error_Rate> 1500. Other Functional drives maju Raw_Read_Error_Rate == 0. While overall satisfaction.
Speed ??defects have been shown to drive immediately after testing
Roman, Ostrava 18/09/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Large capacity and speed of one million operating hours Suitable for home NAS Noisy (while backing up phlegm)
Firm, Prievidza 03/01/2014
Translated by Google Translate

while OK enough to hear them at work
Customer 23/12/2013
Translated by Google Translate

Radim, Dolany 21/11/2013
Translated by Google Translate

It is a quiet, powerful (HD Tune shows me a copy of 160 MB / s) disk. Unfortunately, even though it is "better" NAS disk, as opposed to "ordinary" to the desktop, even he does not avoid the classic dice litter, or I bought a good drive, I bought aušus. The first disc after week quietly passed away after demonstrating performances as old ATA33 drives and played like a furnace. Second it is OK. But do not worry if it is pronounced properly aušus and leaves quickly bezproblémů will replace it - that I would like to thank the store-to Lužinách dispensaries, which helped me with annoyance decaying drive rapid improvement.
Powerful, quiet, not heat Although supposedly better NAS series, he can suddenly go into hell silicon
Firm, Praha 4 05/03/2014
Translated by Google Translate

some are fast, but at 100Mbps network to nevyužiju against a range of green is quite noisy
Firm, Kynšperk nad Ohří 19/03/2015
Translated by Google Translate

I bought two. One retired after 24 h in the happy hunting grounds. Instant hassle-free exchange. Second without any problems. Since that time (about 3 months) runs seamlessly 7.24 Constantly increasing price
Roman Vrátník, Ostrava 20/03/2014
Translated by Google Translate

I do not know why people here complain about the price ... though it's expensive for them, let's not buy the simple solution :-) If a large sum of data zachroustá, otherwise I have no problem.
The large capacity of one million operating hours Suitable for home NAS
Majak, Bratislava 1 25/09/2014
Translated by Google Translate

I have purchased several disks of this type, either for me personally or for someone else, and while every one is spoiled - with Seagate to me Taketo nieco never happened ... two pieces were DOA another fourth clicked somehow vrcal ... we do not buy
Good price in proportion to the parameters :) I probably had a pitch on defective series ...: /
Martin 10/12/2013
Translated by Google Translate

Here I purchased recently 6 and 3 (am worried that I may 4) of them failed. 2 claimed here, and I will take another 1-2 this week. I'd love them all swapped for something else.
Large capacity and technical level Striking unreliability and failure of similar product.
Firm, Praha 11/04/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Capacity Would merit greater speed .... (7200)
Danda 22/10/2014
Translated by Google Translate

Beware these discs 6TB and more are filled with helium.
A little more expensive but again they have terrific size. For two months, I managed to fill only 2TB. Probably nothing.
Robert, Praha 1 - Nové Město 30/01/2014
Translated by Google Translate

QUIET, large capacity, with little warm. WINDOWS does not see it - you need to assign a new volume
Firm, Praha 86 10/12/2013
Translated by Google Translate

capacity too boxy and black
123 ...

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