Reviews 32" BenQ EW3270U

32" BenQ EW3270U - LCD Monitor

Reviews 32" BenQ EW3270U

Interested in reviews of 32" BenQ EW3270U? It got 4.0 out of 5 stars from our customers. Find specific customer reviews of 32" BenQ EW3270U below. We will appreciate if you also share your experiences with 32" BenQ EW3270U after purchasing.
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Tomáš, Prievidza 30/05/2018
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Famous contrast far above any IPS. The films and photos are breathtaking. Great price HDR did not impress. The colours and contrast are definitely better, but I would rather attribute it to the 10b colour profile. Holt insufficient max. Yeah. Still problematic display of SDR content in HDR profile. Windows can already set what HDR white to match the SDR white, but you can't adjust brightness in HDR, so this is either too grey in the day or too bright at night; Chrome, for example, still ignores it; VLC cannot display SDR colors correctly. So really the only way to manually turn on the movies. The VA Gamma shift is clearly visible around the edges here even from a distance of one diagonal. But this only matters on monochromatic surfaces. USB-C is unusable. It lacks a USB hub, so it blocks the port as well as the DP reducer. The power supply is only 5W, which is enough for mobile phones. But the laptop detects it and ignores the charger connected later. The brightness autoregulation has no adjustable offset, in low light it is too high for me. And for reasons I don't understand, it has a lower limit of about 25% which is too much even in low light, let alone in the dark. Doing manual 0% is very well low.
Jan, Chlumčany u Přeštic 03/11/2018
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super monitor at a good price Too bad it's not ips: -)
Rastislav Duračinský, Nové Sady 14/10/2021
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For me a super monitor. I have had it for 2 and a half years and I am very happy. Only one thing I miss is the driver for it to be able to switch the source or sound but that's a detail.
Dávid, Hurbanovo 3 29/11/2019
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rich colours VA panel diagonal USB C 60 HZ only
Zakaznik 24/09/2021
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VA - black color as on LCD quite black. Probably one of the better ones on the market VESA 3 cables in the package The only meaningful use of 4K in 31.5" is CAD/CAM Minimalist design Uniform backlighting Intelligent brightness adjustment - is, but not without flaws DP, 2xHDMI, USB Type-C and headphone output Power consumption with brightness and contrast at a minimum of around 16.7 W. Stable stand HDR and B switching. Even directly on the monitor The speakers are. Tonal range for grey higher than 8 bits 4K in 31,5" nonsense - older programs have a problem with scaling, fonts are then high about 2 mm therefore monitor nepouzivatelny. Colors too saturated There is a DP-miniDP cable, but no DP-DP cable, so you have to purchase the cable separately. More nonsense. Disastrous speakers. The pivot is missing Port access - you can't connect without flipping the monitor over Lack of USB outputs Smart brightness adjustment - there are no adjustment options such as minimum brightness Viewing angle for black - a bit like TN. Can't scroll up and down and rotate If it had FHD or max QHD, it was worth 7500KC and my GW2760 would go away, I could buy it anyway but it's not worth changing.
Milan, Stupava 18/06/2020
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very nice rendition of black finally you can watch movies on it automatically brightness viewing angles are great 60hz compared to 144hz is a hell of a difference, but for the money I can't complain too bad it can't be turned sideways
Artur 24/09/2021
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4K at 31.5" nonsense - Programs have a scaling problem and then the font size is about 2mm. The only meaningful use is CAD/CAM. Intelligent brightness adjustment - no parameter settings such as minimum brightness are possible. Color gamut for grayscale compared to 8 bit better. If it had a FHD or max QHD, it would cost 7500KC and my GW2760 would go away, I could change otherwise no ma to worth. I returned the monitor.
VA color black as on LCD. Probably one of the best on the market VESA 3 cables in the package Minimalist design. Stable stand Uniform backlighting Power consumption with minimum brightness and contrast is only 16.7W. HDR and B switching. Even directly on the monitor DP, 2xHDMI, USB type C Are the speakers intelligent brightness adjustment is, but not without flaws PIVOT is missing. Access to connectors poor. You can't scroll up and down and rotate. Speaker sound. Colors too saturated There is a DP-miniDP cable but the DP-DP cable is missing. Nonsense. USB output is missing. Viewing angle for black colour a bit like in TN.
Aleš, Radim 20/07/2021
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The primary motivation was a VA panel with high contrast and gamut + ambient light sensor for automatic brightness control. Also 10b colour and HDR. After the excitement of the giant 4k monitor wore off, I sobered up and would definitely choose a different monitor today. I was replacing my old Lenovo ThinkVision, which also had a VA panel and had great colours, the colour code on the grey background in the IDE was beautifully distinctive and easy to read. Unfortunately, no such thing is the case with Benq. I spent some time in the extensive configuration menu, but if you want automatic brightness control, you have to accept the trade-offs. Late I found out that my laptop has only DP 1.2 somewhere inside, i.e. no HDR. So in Windows, HDR is marked as unsupported. Emulated HDR will increase contrast, but it looks weird and unnatural. Further, I would definitely go for a curved monitor in a VA case, as 32" is already wide enough to show fading and yellowing at the edges. The stand has no range of positions, I just replaced it with a holder that also has an arm with a laptop table.
Brightness sensor Range of settings Speakers with HDMI, DP and jack audio A picture far below expectations Stand without positioning
Michal, Praha 7 - Holešovice 18/01/2020
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It is good for movies, but it has its limits for computer work, but it depends on the user's requirements. What hurts the most is the lack of IPS technology, those who get used to it don't want anything else, so I'll probably return: (
USB-C Matte screen Design 2x HDMI Not IPS - the edges of the screen are white when you look at the center of the screen (at this size you can't do otherwise) It is not height adjustable, but that is a solvable detail.
Peter Píš, Ostrava 23/12/2019
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I originally bought the monitor based on the excellent reviews on the net where it was recommended by "content creators". Unfortunately, due to the type of panel (VA), it is extremely unsuitable for any work with a PC as long as something other than a white background is displayed on the screen. Watching and playing Xbox is quite normal, unless you don't move much or don't mind the horrible colour changes when you move your head. After a week and comparison with the IPS panel it was returned.
pretty good black colour thanks to the VA panel large number of preset profiles and the possibility of custom settings suitable for gaming and watching movies, but from a greater distance. fairly even backlighting VA panel so maximum unsuitable for PC work due to the fact that the edges of the panel are pale and look reflective. Fading is lost if you sit 1.5-2m away from it. After working for a long time, my eyes were "cutting", which last happened with CRT monitors. HDR profiles are only usable for gaming at most, movies look awfully weird smart brightness adjustment shines very brightly at both ends of the spectrum, it could take the edge off and at the same time during the day not shoot the brightness to 100.
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