Reviews Amazfit GTS Black

Amazfit GTS Black - Smart Watch

Reviews Amazfit GTS Black

Interested in reviews of Amazfit GTS Black? It got 4.4 out of 5 stars from our customers. Find specific customer reviews of Amazfit GTS Black below. We will appreciate if you also share your experiences with Amazfit GTS Black after purchasing.

User Reviews

Juraj, Bratislava 28/12/2019
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A very good feeling watch. Lahucke, thin, strap o. k., the display is beautiful. As a simple, very unpretentious watch, more like a child's toy that looks like an apple watch is ok. I would probably end with the pros here. The first thing I would criticize is the registration on amazfit account. The current version 3.5.1 constantly reports a synchronization error and does not allow me to go through the initial settings. Manual installation of version 3.4.6 helped, choose registration via google account, then update to the latest version and it works. The diacritics can be switched to Italian on the mobile phone. I started the amazfit app and then I immediately saw on my watch the info (in English) that it was restoring the character set. After this, the phone back to Slovencina and the diacritics in notifications. But it doesn't show smileys at all. But notifications are silenced when the activity log is running, when the stopwatch is running, actually when the watch is doing something. Zero multithreading at first glance. When the stopwatch stops and I go back to sleep on the main screen, I have no info about messages and I have to call it up from the menu or something is waiting to be viewed. Also, there is no record of any unread notifications anywhere on the screen. When I'm away from my mobile phone and come back into BT range, they don't show up anymore. GPS fixation is quite slow. Then it also works quite about. k. Measuring the pulse complete from the matter. It jumps continuously from 70 to 130 at normal speed. It doesn't matter how tightly the watch was fixed. I can sort some of the main functions in the menu but I don't understand why the stopwatch and timer have to be drowned in "other options". I use them often and they can't be put on the screen or in a more convenient place in the main menu. It's the only button. It works. Returns back to the main screen, long presses bring up the user assigned function and nothing more. But probably no more is needed. Huawei phones sometimes don't "overwrite" notifications. But this is rather a bug of EMUI, where even common notifications are waking up here and there only when the display is turned on, no matter how many exceptions are assigned. I can't estimate the battery, the watch is going back, mainly because of the software.
Very good, nice display Lahucke watches Thin, flexible strap - overall better feeling than Samsung watches (not Active). Strong enough vibration - Huawei watch GT have only a gentle scratching compared to this. Wide selection of main screen (need to upload them via mobile app) Shaky software in both watch and mobile - and registration in amazfit is a nightmare. Notifications (diacritics can be broken but it doesn't show smileys) Heart rate measurement completely off. Before it's just a child's toy.
Miroslav, Brno 24/10/2019
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I've had them for a few hours, so I'm not evaluating the battery yet.
lightweight and comfortable to wear (I had Honor Band 4 that weighed me down more) functional diacritics (by default it doesn't, but just switch the phone to Italian, wait a while for the update and then back to Czech) beautiful display everything can be configured detail, but the strap creaks strangely when touching the table (for example, when typing on the keyboard) you don't bring anything new compared to smart bracelets missing connection with calendar or todo applications (todo microsoft, wunderlist, todoist,. ) missing connection to google health the button on the side can only be pressed (you can turn it, but it doesn't do anything) missing nfc payment
Jan, Beroun 1 10/12/2019
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battery life display Appearance clear menu more extensive watch settings are missing the pedometer is very inaccurate
Jakub, Zlín 10/01/2021
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After a week of use, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the Amazfit GTS watch. I had never worn a watch before and was therefore concerned that it would be uncomfortable on my wrist. But the opposite is true. I got used to the watch very quickly. They are lightweight and are the optimal size, and they don't bother me on my hands or at work when using the gloves. I also like the design of the watch. In appearance, it's a copy of the more expensive Apple Watch. The watch app is also great. It's clear and looks very nice. When you use the workout functions, it creates lots of graphs and various records of the activity you choose. There are some negatives to mention. For example, the pedometer, which in my opinion is quite sensitive and overdirected. I would also like to mention that the watch does not contain Czech (the app is completely in Czech), but the few English words you will encounter in the watch will not cause you much trouble. The weather in the watch is also a bit confusing and if you move to another location the weather won't show you the temperature until you open the app on your phone and update the GPS. As a last one, I have to say that the battery life from 100% charge to absolute 0 was less than 7 days, which is much less than the manufacturer states. I had my heart rate monitor and GPS on all the time. But these little things have certainly not deterred me from the watch and I will be very happy to continue with it. Overall rating 4/5*
Good construction and design Functional and attractive graphics of both the watch and the app Lots of features for sports activities Despite the English in the watch, messages come with diacritics (slashes, commas) Price Battery life Bad weather update on watch
Ondrej, Humenné 19/01/2020
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nice looking watch functions were quite enough for me problem with connection to the application, returned application/applications are extremely out of the question, developers obviously don't care about customers
Petr, Lysá nad Labem 09/04/2022
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If I change my own image, they can' t be set there so that it shows steps and so on, it only shows the time. Otherwise, for the price of 1400 CZK, absolutely sufficient, it' s a pity that the Czech language: (yes, and I don' t know how to turn on blood oxygen measurement. it' s nowhere. GPS measures well overall just doesn' t like the forest very much. and on a train upstairs by the window, GPS doesn' t catch it at all.
No GPS endurance Price Display They don' t have Czech A trifle in the review In GPS mode, 30% of the flashlight per day is not a problem.
Jindřich, Mýto v Čechách 26/03/2022
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permanent connection to the phone also displays sleep after lunch great battery life nice display annoying tape steps too sensitive
Polabiny 23/09/2021
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I got them without any problems
Nothing Nothing
Petr, Sedliště 19/09/2021
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Bought on sale for 1150 and at that price complete satisfaction.
legible display with automatic brightness nice design and workmanship all necessary sports notifications, sleep and heart rate monitoring. everything works only a smart bracelet with a nicer look, no extra features compared to mi band 5
Jan, Letkov 28/07/2021
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Good price, bought on sale Many features Quality
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