Reviews OnePlus Nord2 5G, 128GB, Blue

OnePlus Nord2 5G, 128GB, Blue - Mobile Phone

Reviews OnePlus Nord2 5G, 128GB, Blue

Interested in reviews of OnePlus Nord2 5G, 128GB, Blue? It got 4.8 out of 5 stars from our customers. Find specific customer reviews of OnePlus Nord2 5G, 128GB, Blue below. We will appreciate if you also share your experiences with OnePlus Nord2 5G, 128GB, Blue after purchasing.

User Reviews

Michail Horák, Liberec 17/08/2021
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Until now, I've been loyal to the Xiaomi family. However, when I came across OnePlus and saw a million reviews, I decided to go for it. and it was the best decision I could have made. The phone is exactly to my liking and I can't praise it enough. The design makes a really good impression and is on a par with flagships. The sound profile slider is, in my opinion, a narrow thing that we see more on iPhones. It adds another little "wow" effect to the phone. As well as an in-display fingerprint reader. The superstructure is snappy and well optimized, there is no bloadware like e.g. at Xiaomi. The phone responds really fast and doesn't get stuck during animations or from the transition from the game to the home page, etc. The display is great, the colors are vibrant and 90Hz is a whole different level than 60Hz, smoothness when browsing soc. networking or gaming is really noticeable. Always on mode is great, you can either have it on all day or set it to touch etc. I described Horizon Light notifications in the minus. Gestures on the off screen are great. By drawing a V or O, etc. you can turn the flashlight on and off, launch the camera or other apps. It's convenient and I like to use it. The speakers are loud enough and the stereo is great. The performance of the phone is very high thanks to the Mediatek Dimensity 1200 AI processor and can run even the most demanding games without any problems. I personally play COD: Mobile and Mobile Legends and I can't complain, with graphics on High/Ultra, the mobile hasn't stuck once, everything runs at 60+ FPS and I haven't noticed any overheating even with the cover. Thanks to NFC I can finally pay in the store with my phone, just unlock my phone and attach it to the terminal and it's done! The 65W charger is extremely fast. from 0% to 100% in 30 minutes. that's crazy: D Battery life is such a classic as with all today's phones, depending on what you do on it, etc. Good enough for me. Camera. that's a really big plus with Nord2. The photos are beautiful and sharp, totally on par with iPhones in my opinion. The night mode is perfect, I've never seen a phone that shoots so beautifully at night! The front 32Mpx selfie camera is also perfect! There is even the option to shoot with both the front and rear camera at the same time which is an interesting feature. There are interesting OnePlus tweaks on the phone, such as ZenMode, which turns off all notifications, etc. and let you focus on work or whatever. Then there are various resolution and color boosts, etc. etc. I would recommend the phone to anyone who has 10K and wants a quality, fast, powerful phone that takes impeccable photos and has no competition in its price range.
Lovely design Matte grey colour does not leave fingerprints Slide switch for sound profiles Tuned Oxygen OS (almost pure Android) Guaranteed SW support Overall very snappy with no twitches In-display fingerprint reader (fast and accurate) Haptic response is luxurious 90Hz Amoled display (beautiful colors and 90Hz is very noticeable) Always On mode Gestures on the off display (I draw a V and turn on the flashlight) Stereo speakers Amazing performance (COD: Mobile 60fps on high as anything) 8GB RAM NFC Extremely fast charging (I don't do anything and I get 100%: D) Unbeatable camera from Sony (really beautiful photos) Night mode makes night into day Various OnePlus gadgets like ZenMode etc.
Oldřich, Kolín 11/01/2022
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I decided to do a summary as a thank you to the manufacturer for a very successful phone and to Alza for the super price they put on it a few weeks ago. I am satisfied beyond measure even though I initially wanted to return the phone because the colors didn't suit me (the habit from another phone is an iron shirt, the currently oversaturated displays are more on the side and the more modern more realistic display is getting the word). I certainly wouldn't change it now. No hitch, smoothness, speed, equipment at this price is great and can compete boldly with some flagship phones that cost 2x as much. If you are hesitating, maybe this will help a little.
Workmanship, materials, weight and size all top notch Speed (processor absolutely handles everything, internal storage awesome write and read speed, online connection speed, overall smoothness, system loading) Main camera - the same sensor as the Oneplus 9 (nice sharp, real color saturation, nice details), here the main camera is equal to flagship phones, the front 32MPx camera is also hilarious Gestures - a luxury thing, for example, when unlocking, just slide it in a certain direction after validating your fingerprint and immediately launch the selected application (for example, maps > home navigation, browser, calculator,. ) | other gestures are also possible when the screen is locked by drawing a "V" to let go of the flashlight, by drawing an "O" to let go of the camera, any application hardware button for switching modes (vibration, ringtone, complete silence) OxygenOS - very quick to get used to, lots to set up and very clear and intuitive reader - fast and accurate, position exactly where I need it to be (+ gestures associated with it) Price - bestseller at this price level (along with Samsung A52) -> but if you want to differentiate yourself a bit and go with a smaller mass of people: -) stereo speakers that sound pretty solid battery life - after the battery has gone through a few cycles (charging and discharging), I now find the battery life above expectations good, I get (in the evening after using the phone I have 60% battery and I charged last night and I use mobile lightroom for more than 30 minutes, surfing for more than 30 minutes and navigation in the car for more than 1 hour + x times calling, honor 9 would die after such use after lunch: ) ) charging speed - in 30 minutes I go from 0% to 100% full battery Haptic response - pleasant 90 Hz refresh rate - it is enough, really people who must have 120 Hz at all costs so I recommend to remember that it is even more battery consuming and the smoothness at 90 Hz is really just right (phones that can reduce it dynamically are certainly better in this, but the 90 Hz is a compromise that suits) support (updates) for a few years ahead - and it's not an advertising slogan, I already have a few of them and it really runs and does what it should accessories in the package - the phone case is already in the package incl. protective glass and 65w charger with stylish red cable Ambient display (+ always on option) - lights up nicely when something comes up, or can be left on all the time, or just displays only important information when picked up without unlocking missing 3.5mm jack
Peter, Bratislava - Petržalka 24/09/2021
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As a priority, I wanted a mid-range phone with the best camera possible. After reading and watching a lot of videos, I decided on the OnePlus Nord 2 (it's my first OnePlus, I switched from the Mi8, before that I had flagship Samsung phones for years). Although I put between negatives photos (I compared with three years old then flagship model Xiaomi Mi8), but I still have to write that the quality of photos for today's middle class is above average! Yes, if I wanted top quality photos, I would have to pay at least once as much for the phone (e.g. Xiaomi Mi11). Also disappointing is the software "blocking" of shooting in 4K at 60 fps, because both the Sony sensor and the MediaTek processor can handle it with a large margin (maybe an update will change this over time). Speaker volume higher compared to Mi8, stereo quality does not impress, but does not disappoint (especially when I have not yet had a mobile with stereo speakers). With the Mi8 I was surprised with the quality of the GPS, when the Snapdragon 845 found and fixed over 30 satellites (GPS, Glonass, Beidoo), but this flagship MediaTek is a bit further (also in terms of accuracy) - and I did not want MediaTek phones until now mainly because of the poor quality GPS signal. So for myself I can recommend this phone.
System tuning display loudness of the loudspeakers surprisingly nimble MediaTek More oversaturated colours in photos when HDR is enabled Conversely, when HDR is turned off, colours are "washed out" It would require a compromise of HDR vs. NoHDR Inability to shoot 4K at 60 fps
Customer, Plzeň 23 01/06/2022
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I bought a phone here for steaming and taking pictures. It fulfils its purpose.
The performance of the processor and graphics is at the level of 20,000 + flagship. The best camera in the ten thousand category. Although it is not IP certified, it can tolerate water to a reasonable extent. The display has accurate colors (after turning off vivid). More or less pure Android (OxygenOS). Gaming mode gadgets are clear and to the point, not such ugly gamerpunk icons and menu panels without half-screen labels, as is the case with Asus / Samsung / Xiaomi. Optional update on Android 12 It doesn' t have an SD card, it' s a pity. 60W dash / warp charging is non-standard, not USB3 PD. Need cables and adapter needed. A glass back is just another thing to break. But it makes sense for cooling. The flashlight is nothing extra, due to the high performance of the processor (when it burns at full, it lasts about 4 hours of game time).
Michal, Praha 6 27/05/2022
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maximum satisfaction solid body great camera good endurance special button for sound profiles charged in 30 minutes (quick charger included) the fingerprint in the display sometimes does not recognize the fingerprint, he would rather have a physical one on the other side of the phone
Firm, Bratislava 24/04/2022
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After getting rid of the catastrophic Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G 128 GB after three months, I preferred to pay extra for this phone and it paid off. Parade. I really recommend. Middle class phone with a high end feeling.
beautiful 90 Hz display clean Android without ballast and ads premium processing fast charging lightning response 8 GM RAM and good CPU parade reader on display gradually loud the call (I haven' t figured out how to set up normal yet, I' ve also watched the bets on the web
Jakub, Brno 22/04/2022
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system speed extensive setting options HW sound mode switch great photos decent battery life
Šimon, Praha 19 20/04/2022
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Photo quality Fluency Batteries and charging Case and charger included
Josef, Žďár nad Sázavou 6 22/03/2022
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System speed Camera Extremely fast charging Processing Nothing
Customer, Pláně 17/03/2022
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I am extremely satisfied
everything beautifully fast fingerprint reader in display fast average battery life, but fast charging will replace it. The phone is fully charged in a few minutes. fits nicely in the hand
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