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Remington shavers bring perfect results to men from all over the world. Whichever model you choose, you can be sure to always get a perfect and gentle shave that follows the contours of your face. When deciding which model to purchase, pay attention to the type of its head, charging method and preferred type of shaving. How to choose the right Remington shaver?


Why Choose a Remington Shaver?

Remington was the first in the world to dive into the development of electric shavers. Today, it boasts a number of innovative technologies, quiet operation and ergonomic designs that fit comfortably in your hand. Every Remington shaver is designed to deliver truly excellent performance without exceptions.

Interested in Remington? Its shavers feature two basic technologies for a smooth shave.

If you are interested in Remington, its shavers are a great choice. With their two basic technologies, you will achieve a perfectly smooth result without skin irritation.

  1. ControlCut combines a micro comb and a trimmer, so it catches every hair and gives your face a smooth shave.
  2. ConstantContour and the swivel head help to copy the contours of the face in a precise manner

Foil vs. Rotary Shavers by Remington - What Are the Differences?

Choose from two types of Remington shavers for men. Which are they and how to decide which one to get? If you shave frequently and want a perfectly smooth shave without irritation, choose a foil shaver. If you don't shave too often and your facial hair is harder, choose a rotary shaver. Remington has a solution for everyone.

Remington Foil Shaver

Remington foil shavers are suitable for sensitive skin – the foil is very gentle and thus protects the skin. It raises facial hair up from the skin, so it reaches the foil more easily, which guarantees a smoother shave.

  • The Remington F3000 shaver will give you a professional shave in the comfort of your home. It easily adapts to the contours of your face and thanks to the two foils, you will achieve a smooth look.
  • In addition to a smooth shave, the Remington F4000 shaver also offers the option of shaving in various lengths using different attachments. You will also create precise and sharp lines, including the chin and jaw.
  • The Remington F5000 shaver will give your a trim like from a salon. It offers up to six fixed combs, which allow different cutting lengths. Thanks to its maximum contact with the face, it shaves every beard.

Remington Rotary Shaver

Remington rotary shavers can handle even a dense stubble and are gentle to the contours of your face. Thanks to their three rotating heads, they can easily shave more hair at once.

  • The Remington R3000 shaver has dual blades that provide better coverage, so you can shave a larger area in less time. The antimicrobial system protects the skin.
  • The Remington R4000 shaver boasts flexible blades and a tilting neck, so you can easily follow every contour of your face. You will also get attachments for a better look of your short stubble.
  • The Remington R5000 shaver with a tilting trimmer and a convenient blade ending ensures maximum comfort. It has great ergonomics, several attachments and sharp and precise blades.

Even Women Get Their Money's Worth - Remington Shaver for Women Is the Right Choice

Remington shavers for women ensure that your skin is always soft, perfectly smooth and hair-free. They are equipped with a hypoallergenic anti-cut foil, which perfectly copies the contours of the body. Remington shavers for women can be used for both wet and dry shaving. Clean it with a brush or under running water.

What other features do Remington shavers have? A simple design for women, non-slip handle and small size to fit into a handbag.

Remington Shavers Can Handle Both Wet and Dry Shaving

Remington shavers can easily handle both wet and dry shaving. Dry shaving is great for those who prefer quick and frequent shaving, but it is not suitable for sensitive skin. On the contrary, wet shaving reduces irritation, and you can use your shaver in the shower with ease.

Smooth Shave or Stylish Stubble? Remington Shavers Can Do Both

Whether you want a smooth shave or a stylish stubble, Remington shavers can handle any challenge. You can choose from a range of attachments that can handle lengths from 1 to 5mm.

Which Is Better - Mains-Operated, Cordless, or Battery-Powered Shaver by Remington?

Before purchasing a new shaver, you need to decide whether you want a mains-operated, rechargeable or battery-powered shaver. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Above all, think about whether you want to use the appliance as a travel shaver.

  1. A rechargeable battery is convenient if you shave frequently outside your bathroom - all you have to do is charge the shaver and then you can shave anywhere and anytime.
  2. Mains-operated shavers will suit everyone who shaves mostly at home. The device is constantly connected to the cable, without which it does not work. Therefore, think about the length of the cable so that you can use your shaver in front of the mirror.
  3. Batteries are suitable for travelling - you only need classic AA or AAA batteries and nothing more. The disadvantage is high power consumption and the need to always have spare batteries at hand.


Remington shavers last approximately 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the model. Their charging time is 1.5–4 hours, with some machines offering a fast charging function that can charge your device for one shave in just 5 minutes.

Additional Features That Make Remington Shavers Great Helpers

With their additional features, Remington shavers can become really great helpers. What exactly can you choose from?

  • Washability facilitates easy maintenance. After use, just rinse the device under running water.
  • A trimmer is suitable for everyone who wants to keep their beard longer.
  • A LED charging indicator lets you know that the battery is running low and needs to be recharged.
  • A digital display allows you to check the state of the battery during both charging and use.

Remington Shavers - Spare Parts Ensure Longer Service Life

Remington shaver accessories ensure that your shaver lasts much longer. This category mainly includes replacement foils - you should replace them if you can feel that the blades are blunt.

Wanna know what other customers thought about the products? Read their Remington razor reviews.

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Remington SPF-F45 Repl Shave Head for F4000/F5000
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Remington R6000 R6 StyleSer Aqua Rotary Shaver
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Remington XR1750 X5 Limitless Rotary Shaver
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Remington XR1770 X7 Limitless Rotary Shaver
Razor - men's, for face, waterproofing, LED Charging Indicator and quick Charge, track heads, operating time of 60 min, power: battery, charging time of 1,5 hr(s), black colour -

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Remington F6000 F6 StyleSeries Aqua FoilShaver
Razor - men's, for face, waterproofing and quick Charge, planetary, operating time of 60 min, power: battery, charging time of 1,5 hr(s), black colour -

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