Siguro EM-K42 Barista Lever Coffee Machine (REVIEW)



We tested a lever coffee machine for you in a home environment Siguro EM-K42 Barista which, thanks to its 20 bar pressure, promises coffee preparation at the level of professional cafés. You can find out how this design hunk fared in the review and how our review went overall in the following article.

Recenze na pákový kávovar Siguro EM-K42 Barista

Lever Coffee Machine Siguro EM-K42 Barista (REVIEW) – CONTENTS

  1. Testing the Siguro Lever Coffee Machine
  2. What Does the Lever Coffee Machine Siguro EM-K42 Barista Offer?
  3. Setting up of the Coffee Machine and Its Design
  4. Siguro Lever Coffee Machine: Controls
  5. Making Coffee With the Siguro EM-K42 Barista
  6. Using the Steam Nozzle of the Siguro Coffee Machine
  7. Maintenance of the Siguro Barista Lever Coffee Machine
  8. Overall Evaluation of the Siguro EM-K42 Barista

Testing the Siguro Lever Coffee Machine

We tested the lever coffee machine in a household where drinking coffee is the order of the day. Both my husband and I like to drink both honest black bitter coffee like espresso or ristretto, and coffee softened with milk foam. We've only had experience with automatic coffee machines so far, but any coffee connoisseur will tell you that the true taste of coffee is best enjoyed from a cup prepared with a lever coffee machine. So for three weeks, the stylish Siguro lever coffee machine became part of our household, and we made full use of it to prepare classic coffee and milk-softened cappuccinos.

Siguro EM-K42 Barista Review
The Siguro EM-K42 Barista lever coffee maker has all the accessories to make honest coffee.

What Does the Lever Coffee Machine Siguro EM-K42 Barista Offer?

The Siguro EM-K42 Barista is suitable for espresso and milk specialties and has the following specifications:

Parameters Siguro EM-K42 Barista
Pump pressure 20 bar
Water tank capacity 1 litre
Power input 1450 W
Maximum cup height 12cm
Number of cups prepared simultaneously 2
Coffee quantity setting
Steam nozzle
Dimensions 304 × 139 × 314 mm

Setting up of the Coffee Machine and Its Design

When I received the box with the coffee machine, I was surprised by its lightness and also after unpacking the machine I was impressed by its compact size and the eye-pleasing design. The matt stainless steel design with subtle controls, subtle stylish backlighting and Siguro lettering on the front gives a very elegant impression and allows the machine to be placed in any interior. The water container at the back of the machine is made of plastic, which is very easy to remove and has a top opening for convenient filling. Thanks to its minimalist dimensions, the coffee maker does not take up much space in our home, nor does it interfere with its style in any way; on the contrary, it fits in perfectly.

Package contents:

  • Lever coffee machine Siguro EM-K42 Barista
  • Filter holder
  • 2 filter strainers (for 1 cup or 2 cups)
  • Measuring cup serving also as a tamping device
Siguro EM-K42 Barista Review
The Siguro EM-K42 Barista lever coffee machine is an impressive design.

First Use of the Coffee Machine

As you will be instructed in the manual, before using the coffee machine for the first time, it is necessary to rinse both the machine and the steam nozzle. The whole process takes just a few minutes and is similar to making coffee, but you leave the coffee strainer unfilled. After switching on the coffee machine, the inside of the machine is rinsed with hot water, which simply flows out into a prepared container. The steam nozzle also needs to be cleaned by pressing the appropriate icon and releasing the steam into the prepared container or cup. The coffee machine is then ready for first use.

Siguro EM-K42 Barista Review
The changeable strainers allow you to prepare one or two cups of coffee.

Siguro Lever Coffee Machine: Controls

The lever coffee machine is very easy to operate and thanks to the icons, everyone can easily handle it. The rotary dial on the side of the appliance is used to control steam and hot water, while the four icons on the top panel include a switch-on button, start buttons for one or two coffees and a button to start hot steam in the nozzle. The water tank located at the rear is easily accessible for top filling. However, you can easily remove the whole beaker and fill it with water for making coffee.

Siguro EM-K42 Barista Review
The water tank is removable and accessible from the top.

Making Coffee With the Siguro EM-K42 Barista

The Siguro EM-K42 Barista promises a truly fast and effortless coffee preparation in a few simple steps. Since the coffee maker has a function for preheating the machine including the lever, strainer and cup – I also use this option – which according to the manufacturer enhances the taste of real coffee and develops its aroma.

  1. First, I place the lever with the strainer and the cup in place and use the "ON" button to start the coffee machine heating.
  2. The coffee maker flashes during the heating process, then the indicators light up and I can proceed to make coffee.
  3. I use a measuring cup to scoop out the desired amount of ground coffee and pour it into the strainer, using the opposite side of the measuring cup to strain the coffee.
  4. I put the lever with the filter strainer from left to right on the coffee machine until it is fully clicked in place.
  5. Then all I have to do is press the button to brew one or two cups and I have coffee ready in minutes.

Espresso Cup Volume Adjustment

For the true gourmand, the Siguro EM-K42 Barista allows you to adjust the volume of coffee to your own preference, ranging from 25 to 60 ml for a single cup and 70 to 110 ml for two cups. The volume setting is done via the top control display and is described in detail in the user manual.

How does the coffee from the Siguro EM-K42 Barista taste?

The Siguro EM-K42 Barista has a pressure of 20 bar, which allows it to prepare really good quality coffee. The taste is very rich and reflects the characteristic bitter notes and typical aroma of honest black coffee. Of course, it also depends on what mixture you use for the preparation. However, if you opt for freshly ground coffee from a roaster, such as Arabica or Robusta, you will definitely enjoy your cup to the fullest.

Using the Steam Nozzle of the Siguro Coffee Machine

If you like to soften your cup of coffee with milk foam, you will surely welcome the possibility to use the steam nozzle to easily prepare your favourite cappuccino or latte macchiato. Its use is comparable to that of an automatic coffee machine, so all you have to do is pour the milk into a suitable container and immerse the nozzle sufficiently. After pressing the steam button, simply turn the side steam control knob to the maximum position and wait for the milk to reach the desired thickness. Then return the knob to the starting position and pour the milk foam into the pre-prepared espresso. In addition to milk froth, you can also use the nozzle to make hot water for tea.

Siguro EM-K42 Barista Review
The nozzle of the Siguro EM-K42 Barista lever coffee machine is used to prepare frothed milk.

Maintenance of the Siguro Barista Lever Coffee Machine

The Siguro EM-K42 Barista requires regular cleaning of the drip tray with grid, which can be easily removed and washed under running water, using a suitable dishwashing liquid if necessary. Ideally, this cleaning should be carried out every evening to keep the coffee machine hygienically clean. You also need to rinse the water container regularly, and I don't recommend leaving the water in it to brew coffee overnight. Rather, always use fresh water.

The surface of the machine can be wiped with a damp cloth if necessary and I rinse the filter screens after each use, once I have removed the coffee grounds. However, it is really enough to simply rinse them, the coffee residue does not settle in them.

Siguro EM-K42 Barista Review
The drip tray of the Siguro EM-K42 Barista should be cleaned regularly.

Weathering of the device is recommended every 3 months and is described in detail in the attached manual. In addition to a few minutes of time, you will need a descaler and a water container.

Overall Evaluation of the Siguro EM-K42 Barista

The Siguro EM-K42 Barista coffee maker surprised us both with its coffee preparation and its tasteful and elegant design. Thanks to its compact size, it is also suitable for small kitchens where conventional coffee machines would struggle to fit.

The preparation of the coffee with the coffee machine was not complicated at all; on the contrary, it was very easy and quick, within a minute we had coffee on the table. My husband and I really appreciated the option to make two cups at once to enjoy our favourite espresso together. I also rate the heating of the cups and the coffee machine itself as a bonus, thanks to which the coffee retains its original aroma and classic taste.

The milk frothing nozzle was used not only by me to soften my morning coffee, but also by our children, who immediately used it to prepare their favourite whipped milk with cocoa or cinnamon. I also mention the favourable price range of the Siguro lever coffee machine, which is simply not possible to get a quality automatic coffee machine.

Siguro EM-K42 Barista

Siguro EM-K42 Barista

Lever coffee machines

The Siguro EM-K42 Barista lever coffee machine features top-notch features such as 20 bar pressure, personal coffee settings, two cups at once and a steam nozzle for frothing milk. So you can prepare your favourite coffee exactly the way you like it. The ThermoBlock system ensures extra-fast heating of the water, whose correct temperature is also electronically controlled to achieve the perfect taste and aroma in every cup.


  • Quick and easy coffee preparation
  • Intuitive control
  • Super easy maintenance
  • Pressure 20 bar
  • ThermoBlock system for extra fast water heating
  • Electronic control of water and steam temperature
  • Possibility to adjust the cup volume
  • Space for heating cups
  • Compact size
  • Elegant design


  • Slightly difficult handling when changing coffee strainers


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