Want to Know What LEGO®️ VIDIYO️ Looks Like?

Dive deep into the world of LEGO®️ VIDIYO to unleash your imagination. Use LEGO® minifigures to build your own band and make them come alive in the LEGO® app after scanning. Then use your own creative skills and combine music hits with BeatBits to add special effects to your videos. The result will be a great show with your LEGO® minifigures' concert. Create a 5, 10 or 20-second video and share your new work of art with others.

Share Your Videos Safely

After downloading the LEGO®️ VIDIYO️ app, scan your LEGO® VIDIYO figures, choose the right music and apply special effects to give your video a professional look. Then just keep creating and directing your own music videos. Shared videos are verified and go through a system of checks to ensure that their content is appropriate and their sharing is secure. Parents have access to all videos and comments, so they know what their children are creating and sharing in the online world.

LEGO VIDIYO - Sdílej muziku

Tune Your Videos to Perfection with BeatBits

What are the famous BeatBits? These are special effects allowing you to add special dance steps or wonderful musical effects, select changes in the environment or use the costumes of professional music stars. There are countless possibilities and it's up to you whether you use the X-ray vision effect, incorporate black and white effects in the video or use other magical video or audio effects. In each BeatBox, you can find 14 random BeatBits and 2 unique ones only for your figure.

Play and Create Every Day

The world of LEGO®️ VIDIYO️ is bringing you creative experiences that you will always want to return to. The app is updated regularly and new options are added to bring additional challenges to the author's process of creating videos. The interactive LEGO®️ VIDIYO app offers a great use of free time, bringing new knowledge and experience and taking your music creator skills to the next level. Become a director and producer of your own music videos and share your work with your friends or save it just for yourself.