Why Should You Get a Projector for Your TV


Everyone has a TV today, but the hot trend in recent years is to purchase home projectors. Why? Projection takes the movie experience up a notch. And while it may seem that the size of the screen is really the only thing projectors have going for them, that couldn't be further from the truth. Projectors can enhance your movie watching in surprisingly many ways.

Projector Versus TV

The gist of the issue that as of now, even the best TVs can't do everything a projector can. This is despite the fact that most modern TVs try to catch up with the projector image quality in many ways. Take, for example, curved screen TVs. This too is a legacy of the classic silver screen. It makes the viewer more involved in the action. The audience doesn't have to sit in a perfect viewing position and the previously problematic areas (the edges of the screen) are now much more visually pleasing. But why settle for a mere imitation of something when you can have literal perfection?

Projektor Optoma HD90+

A Projector Can Make You Feel Like You’re in a Real Cinema

Movie projectors are designed to create a cinema-level experience when you are watching movies or playing games. It makes movie marathons, family gatherings, or home parties way more fun. But it's not just the size of the picture that makes projectors so special.

The key role play special technologies that guarantee that trademark spectacle, such as 24p. These will be discussed in more detail later in the article. Along with the tech, you should also take care to get the right screen, as projecting on a bare wall degrades the image quality and basically defeats the very purpose of using the projector in the first place. Imagine you own a high-end projector with a price tag in thousands of euro. If you are planning to use it by pointing its lens directly at the wall, about half of its value or more goes out of the window.

Projektor Epson EH-TW6700W

Advanced Hi-Tech Features for a Better Experience

Manufacturers offer a range of features and "enhancements" to get the best possible picture or sound output. These are either standard or completely unique. For example, BenQ projectors use the six-speed RGBRGB colour wheel technology to ensure sharp images and exquisite colour reproduction. And specifically, the W11000 is the first ever DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector with ultra-high resolution and THX HD certification.

This high-end audio format was developed in 1983 by Lucasfilm for Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. Some of the projectors feature 24p technology for maximum cinema-like fidelity when watching Blu-ray movies. However, this particular solution is not exclusive to projectorssome Sony, LG, or Samsung TVs also use this feature.

Projektor BenQ W2000

Durability Matters

In the context of durability, let's take a model example: the KD-55X8005 LED TV boasts a lifespan of around 60,000 hours, whereas the BenQ W2000 projector will last "only" 6,000 hoursor rather, its lamp, which is the actual light source. Sure, it's replaceable, but it's still not exactly a bargain. For high-end projectors, the lamp alone can cost thousands of euro.

The TV is suitable for everyday and frequent use, where it often acts as a backdrop for various leisure activities, cooking, or music playback. The device is constantly in use, and that can be a problem with projectors. You can certainly connect an extra set-top box and use the projector as a primary device for normal terrestrial broadcasting if you want, but frequent operation will lead to its early demise.

So Why Would You Want a Projector for Your TV?

While most today's SMART TVs have perfectly acceptable picture quality, the projector output is still on a very different level. It's the only way you can achieve a classic cinematic experience identical to the spectacle you might get when visiting a multiplex movie theater. Plus, having your own movie projector means you don't have to worry about someone in the front row blocking your movie with their head or ruining your experience by munching on popcorn during the most tense and emotional scenes.

Projector Advantages

  • A movie experience comparable to going to the cinema
  • Diagonal screen size (stronger 3D experience)
  • True-to-life colour reproduction
  • Greater mobility compared to the TV

TOP Projectors for 2021

i Some of the Most Interesting Projectors Currently Available (2021)

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